Wife is Outrageous Chapter 169

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[169]After we return, I’ll eat you bite by bite~……2

“Thump!” She fell against something!

Yi, it was soft like a balloon, not the least bit painful!

Qi Luoer opened her eyes, finding that her body was actually covered in a thick, white film.

Through a gap in the membrane, she could see two walls outside. One was cyan and the other, purple……

What was that?

Qi Luoer used her hand to poke at the snow white film. The film seemed as if it was tickled by the poke as it shook before suddenly turning into a thin ribbon and once again twining around her body.

The Holy Maiden Ribbon! The white film that had protected her was actually the Holy Maiden Ribbon.

It really was an amazing object, able to save its master at the most crucial point.

Qi Luoer’s heart was a bit touched.

She rolled and jumped up before looking at the purple wall.

Was this another transformed darling?

Could it be Dou Ding and Dou Bao?

Qi Luoer extended her hand, wanting to poke it.

Whoosh! The two walls suddenly disappeared without a trace.

Out of the corner of her eye, she could see two figures flickering towards her.

Qi Luoer jumped in fear, subconsciously taking a step back.

But before she could take another step, her body was suddenly circled as she fell into a warm embrace.

A low, smiling voice sounded next to her ear, “Little Luoer, we meet again. Did you miss me?”

Yue Wushang!

That was Yue Wushang’s voice!

Qi Luoer’s heart beat wildly, unspeakably nervous. She was still afraid, but faintly, there was also a trace of joy in her heart……

“Yue Wushang, release her!”

Yun Hua’s voice held a faint trace of anger. A wave of light shot out of his hand, charging towards Yue Wushang!

Yue Wushang adjusted his arms so only one arm was hugging Qi Luoer, his other grasping his pitch black sword to meet Yun Hua’s attack.

“Bang!” There was a loud echo, almost deafening Qi Luoer’s ears.

She frowned, her little face creasing like a dumpling.

The attacks were like lightning meeting fire. It all happened with unimaginable speed.

Only now was everybody else able to react to the sudden change in situation, “The Holy Maiden! She’s really the Holy Maiden! The Holy Maiden Ribbon is on her!”

Although Ling Xuzi’s face was always calm, beneath it, he secretly felt a burst of pleasant surprise.

So this girl was actually the Holy Maiden!

Very good, the Holy Maiden hadn’t died, his several years of heart’s blood and hard work wasn’t wasted……

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3 thoughts on “Wife is Outrageous Chapter 169

  1. Now they know that Luoer is the Hidden Maiden. But, she is in the arms of Yue Wushang. And Yun Hua is fighting to get her back. Let’s watch the show
    Thank you for this update

  2. Let’s hope she’s taken away now since the longer shes here with ice block the more pointless fixation there will be on him

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