Wife is Outrageous Chapter 168

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[168] After we return, I’ll eat you bite by bite~

Yue Wushang burst into loud laughter, “Shouldn’t have come? Don’t tell me you want laozi to just helplessly watch as Ziying dies in misery? Yun Hua, you’re also a famous figure. Why would you make things so difficult for a little girl? How about you give laozi the Moon Holding Grass and let laozi save somebody before fighting, all right?”

Yun Hua raised his eyes, speaking indifferently, “Defeat me, and the Moon Holding Grass is yours.”

Hao Yun who was behind Yun Hua shouted, “Devil, stop dreaming! This Moon Holding Grass is a treasure in the immortal world. All of Ziyun Mountain only has 10 plants, so how could we just send you one as a present? Yue Ziying should’ve long died when she charged into Ziyun Sect and killed at least 10 of our new disciples!”

Yue Wushang’s eyes flashed as his hand tightened around his sword, shooting out a red light, “Laozi and your sect master 1 are speaking, so you muddled youngsters should just shut your mouths!”

The red light was extremely sudden and fast, shooting straight for Hao Yun’s head!

Hao Yun tasted fear and hurriedly blocked with his sword.

‘Clang!’ A loud echo sounded. His hand could no longer grasp his sword after continuous hits, the sword sent flying into the air.

Qi Luoer watched the lively scene when suddenly, a black shadow flew towards her.

The speed and momentum was extremely fast and there was simply no way to clearly see what it was. She could only instinctively dodge at her fastest speed!
Bang! It flew right past the tip of her nose, hitting the ice just left of her hand. The ice crumbled, the knife digging deep into the ice!

F-Fortunately, fortunately the ice hid her!

Otherwise, she would’ve been skewered into tanghulu! 2

Qi Luoer thought with a 囧 (frustrated/depressed) face.

But she forgot that she was on slippery ice. As she dodged, her foot slipped and her body tumbled. She let out a cry of pain.

She tumbled down the icecap!

She didn’t know how many times she had somersaulted and wanted to restabilize herself, but the mountain was simply too steep. There was no way to stop!

Through her dizziness, she could see a large boulder in front of her. There was no way to avoid it!

She was finished! This time, she would definitely be squashed into a pancake!

Qi Luoer immediately covered her face. She only hoped that her death wouldn’t be too ugly……


“Little Luoer!”

Two voices echoed simultaneously.

“Thump!” She fell against something!

Yi, it was soft like a balloon, not the least bit painful!

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