Wife is Outrageous Chapter 167

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[167] He and His PK

The sounds of colliding metals grew louder and louder as the multicolored lights grew more and more distinct.

Qi Luoer supported herself on the icy walls. She had finally climbed to the summit. With the shouts and the sounds of weapons colliding, it was like a gun fight in the criminal underworld.

Her figure was hidden by the huge ice cap as she peered down below.

Just a peek wasn’t too dangerous, and she couldn’t help but gasp, “How beautiful!”

Below the mountain, there was an enormous ice sea.

Although it was extremely cold, the ice lake actually still wasn’t frozen, shimmering in the moonlight. 1

And on the face was the lake, were all kinds of rarely seen, beautiful flowers and plants.

Some were as big as a bowl and others were as small as a star. Some had fan like leaves while others were sharp as a sword. However, they were all without exception, shining with silver-white light.

There were layers upon layers, completely filling the lake. They unfurled underneath the moonlight, creating a dream-like scene.

And flying above the ice lake, there were 10-20 people.

People that Qi Luoer actually recognized.

It was precisely Ziyun Sect’s leader Ling Xuzi and the 8 great elders. Surprisingly, even Li Yu was there.

They raised their heads and watched the ice lake.

On an elevated part of the ice lake, two white clothed men confronted each other.
Yue Wushang was dressed in a snow white robe, his lapel embroided with silver white designs. It was refined and peerless as if it had been stolen from the Heavens. The white fur lined robe half open, revealing his jade like chest.

He held an ink black longsword. The color was pure and unadulterated, with an eye like pattern above the sword, glowing faintly with dark red light.

Yue Wushang wore a smile, a warm, springlike smile resembling the dark green of willows and bright pink of peach blossoms, a brightly colored landscape: “Yun Hua, so you aren’t that stupid after all. You actually know how to do an ambush, waiting for laozi 2 to take the bait……”

Yun Hua stood on a cloud, staring at him calmly.

His face that could startle both man and heaven held no happiness or anger. It was impossible to tell his mood from his still, waveless eyes.

He was only clothed in a simple, white robe which danced in the wind.

He seemed extremely pristine and quietly cold, untainted from all impurities.

He slowly waved his hand, grasping a sword that seemed like crystalized ice and snow.

Yun Hua spoke indifferently, “Yue Wushang, you shouldn’t have come.”

Yue Wushang burst into loud laughter, “Shouldn’t have come? Don’t tell me you want laozi to just helplessly watch as Ziying dies in misery? Yun Hua, you’re also a famous figure. Why would you make things so difficult for a little girl? How about you give laozi the Moon Holding Grass and let laozi save somebody before fighting, all right?”

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