Wife is Outrageous Chapter 166

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[166] This guy completely disregarded his master after seeing his wife

Qi Luoer came from modern times, so the concept of immortals and demons obviously wasn’t very important.

In her mind, there was no difference between immortals and demons.

Just like how the righteous and demonic factions, were, for her simply, two opposing sects.

But the way Yue Wushang had killed so easily terrified her.

Plus, he had killed Su Yunluo because he thought she was the Holy Maiden!

If it wasn’t for his misunderstanding, the one killed would’ve probably been her!

From the variety of different colors constantly flying into the air from over the mountain, she knew that there was definitely an intense fight going on.

She also had no idea if Yue Wushang would be able to escape with the Moon Holding Grass unscatched.

There was a faint strand of worry in Qi Luoer’s heart.

She didn’t know what was right. Should she go forward or retreat back?

If she went, would she only cause more trouble?

Besides, she didn’t even know who she should help!

Dou Ding’s two ears suddenly stood up, his large eyes becoming perfectly round: “Dou Bao! I can sense Dou Bao’s scent!”

Dou Bao?

Dou Bao was with Bai Li, no, with Yue Wushang!

It really is him! Since Dou Bao is here, he must’ve also come!

This time, Qi Luoer was absolutely sure of who had come.

Dou Ding seemed as if he had taken a stimulant. He and Dou Bao had never been separated for so long before.

His face made it seem as if they’ve already been divided for ten thousand years as he did a flip in the sky, “Master, you go back, alright? I’m going to go look at Dou Bao and I’ll return soon!”

Without giving Qi Luoer a chance to reply, he disappeared as if he was running away.

It wouldn’t be expected with his round body, but in fact, his speed was extremely fast!

“Hey, Dou Ding, come back! It’s dangerous!” Qi Luoer got up and shouted.

This guy completely disregarded his master after seeing his wife!
In front was a PK 1 between immortals. Charging in so boldly, he would probably long be kicked away before he could see Dou Bao!

Qi Luoer couldn’t change anything now and just hurriedly rushed after Dou Ding.

Going around the corner, almost falling off the ice cap, Qi Luoer ran until she almost couldn’t breathe.

She had almost ran half way through the mountain when she saw a wide opening up ahead.

The sounds of colliding metals grew louder and louder as the multicolored lights grew more and more distinct.

Qi Luoer supported herself on the icy walls. She had finally climbed to the summit.

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