Wife is Outrageous Chapter 165

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[165] He’s here again. But this time, for his adopted daughter.

With just a second of distraction, a bright light suddenly flew through the sky, accompanied by the clang of metals meeting each other.

It was a fight!

Moreover, it was a fight between two immortals!

There was no way a mortal could create such a big movement!

This was Qi Luoer’s first reaction.

Who could’ve ran all the way here to Floating Cloud Palace to fight?

According to Qi Luoer’s knowledge, there was a strong barrier around Floating Cloud Palace.

Usually if an unwanted person desired to come up the mountain, they wouldn’t be able to find anything.

Then, who exactly is it? Don’t tell her it’s…. that guy!

A familiar yet also unfamiliar figure emerged in her mind as Qi Luoer hopped up.

Her foot had slipped, and she had almost fell off the mountain.

It’s definitely him!

Only he could treat the barrier around Floating Cloud Palace like nothing, entering as he wished.

Besides, Qi Luoer knew that in order to save his adopted daughter, Yue Wushang needed to steal that Moon Holding Grass!

She suddenly recalled Dou Ding’s words and grabbed his little arm, “Dou Ding, you said earlier that you wanted to show me a sea of flowers. Is there Moon Holding Grass in those flowers?”

Dou Ding nodded 1: “I’m pretty sure that there should be some. I remember there was a silver-white grass inside and you humans seemed to have called it something like Moon Holding Grass.”

Sure enough, it really is him!

So that means, in the ravine ahead, Yue Wushang is probably the one fighting…..

Qi Luoer’s heart pounded, almost beating out of her chest.

All along, she truly had no idea about how she should feel towards Yue Wushang.

She had always taken Bai Li to be her best friend.

But Bai Li was a person that never even actually existed, only a product of Yue Wushang’s transformation techniques.

Yue Wushang and Bai Li’s appearences were already very different. Although they were both still shockingly beautiful, they still always gave her a familiar yet unfamiliar feeling.

Furthermore, he had even killed Su Yunluo right in front of her, brutally slaughtering her and giving Qi Luoer a sense of deep, intense terror.

Now, he’s here again. But this time, for his adopted daughter.

If she saw her again, would he be her best friend, Bai Li?

Or the big devil Yue Wushang?

In the end, who is the true him?

Qi Luoer came from modern times, so the concept of immortals and demons obviously wasn’t very important.
In her mind, there was no difference between immortals and demons.

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