Wife is Outrageous Chapter 164

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[164] It’s you, right?

“Hmpth, well I don’t care about it!”

Qi Luoer was still angry at Dou Ding.

Although she really was a bit curious, her face still looked as cold as ice.

“Let’s go, lets go, alright? The flowers there don’t exist anywhere else, so if you don’t see it now, you’ll definitely regret it to death.”

Little Dou Ding was unyielding.

“Definitely not! I don’t even like flowers.” Qi Luoer shook her head strongly.

“Your Shifu often uses the flowers and plants there to concoct pills. If someday your Master urgently needs something there and wants you to get it, you won’t even know how to get there!” Little Dou Ding pulled out his trump card.

Dou Ding’s reasoning finally moved Qi Luoer’s heart.

Little Dou Ding’s words are also right. If she learns the road now, it won’t be a worthless trip next time Shifu needs something from there.

“Hmpth, fine! I’ll go, but you absolutely cannot cause any more trouble! Or else, I’ll make you into a dumpling!” Qi Luoer finally answered.

Little Dou Ding jumped up happily, his big eyes spinning with excitement.

Hurrah, now it can pick some Heart Orchid Fruit…..

With the genuine Holy Maiden by his side, how could it still be afraid of charging through the barrier around the flowers?

Ever since Dou Ding had transformed, the two little wings on his back could no longer be seen. So, he currently seems just like a round ball floating in midair, flying as light as a feather.

Qi Luoer followed behind him closely.

They avoided the 3 floors of Floating Cloud Palace and climbed a small trail covered in ice crystals behind the mountain.

The ice crystal trail wasn’t well preserved and was quite slippery.

Fortunately, during her initial month, she had gone through a course making her body far more agile than before.

So, the ice crystal trail wasn’t a problem for her.

The trail was rough and narrow with countless steps leading up and down.

Qi Luoer just continued to go forward.

Suddenly, a large thunderclap resounded in the sky, appearing with no warning at all.

It made Qi Luoer jump in fear, almost falling off the mountain trail!

She raised her head to look at the sky filled with stars.

It wasn’t cloudy at all ah! Then how did that just happen?

Dou Ding came flying back, shouting, “Danger! It’s dangerous! Master, hurry and run!”

Qi Luoer was startled, “What?”

She looked around, but couldn’t find anything wrong.

Besides, this was the mountain that Yun Hua lived in so there shouldn’t be any monsters, right?

With just a second of distraction, a bright light suddenly flew through the sky!

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