Wife is Outrageous Chapter 163

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[163] You still think that you haven’t tore down Floating Cloud Palace enough already?!

She had just caused such a big ruckus in Floating Cloud Palace, so someone should’ve already came to see what was going on.

But unexpectedly, even after half a day, Qi Luoer couldn’t see anybody coming.

She felt a bit puzzled, “Could it be that I’m the only person in this huge palace? It can’t be, there should at least ought to be a few servants around to do odd jobs, right?”

She waited a while again but still didn’t see anyone. She also didn’t see any traces of Li Yu.

With the Holy Maiden Ribbon cloaked around her, she no longer felt cold.

A faint, warm current constantly flowed from the Holy Maiden Ribbon to her body.

It flowed through her meridians to her whole body as if it was strengthening Qi Luoer, like she was shedding her mortal body and exchanging her bones 1.

But currently, her heart was filled with worry and didn’t notice to changes to her body.

Outside, Dou Ding came in very, very slowly.

He dawdled as he made his way to Qi Luoer, and tried to curry favor, “Master, this Floating Cloud Palace is very big. I could help guide you around?”

Qi Luoer glared at him, “You still think Floating Cloud Palace hasn’t been destroyed enough? You, guide me around? What, did you live here?”

Dou Ding’s ears shook as he spoke proudly, “Of course, I’m a godly object. I know every place in the sect. Over there is a sea of flowers.”

A sea of flowers?

Qi Luoer raised an eyebrow.

This place is filled with ice and snow, how could there be a sea of flowers?

Could they be plum blossoms?

En, if there was a sea of plum blossoms, it’d really be quite beautiful.

But…… but she had just done something terrible and wasn’t exactly in the mood to look at plum blossoms.

“I’m not in the mood to look at plum blossoms, you can go yourself if you want. Remember to come back as soon as your done.”

Qi Luoer spoke dispiritedly.

“They aren’t plum blossoms! I’m a godly object, so how could I possibly cherish some dumb plum blossoms?! The flowers there are all very rare, there’s no way you’ve seen them before. Follow me, I guarantee you’ll see a lot of nice surprises.”

Dou Ding urged her strongly.

“Hmpth, well I don’t care about it!” 2

Qi Luoer was still angry at Dou Ding.

Although she really was a bit curious, her face still looked as cold as ice.

Author’s Note: My son on vacation from kindergarten for 3 days. The little devil’s always bothering me, making it hard for me to keep calm and focus. So, my speed might slow down during the next few days. Everybody, please understand, haha. Mumu (TL: Author’s name is Mu Danfeng, so she’s just saying her name in a cutesy fashion) is also very worried, but I can’t just ignore my child in order to write, right?

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