Wife is Outrageous Chapter 162

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[162 ] Able to tear down the house, no?

“I, I, I, it started attacking me first!”

Now Dou Ding seemed like a deflated ball, without any of the attitude he had shown earlier. He shook his little limbs as he struggled incoherently to explain.

The Holy Maiden Ribbon also shrunk its body and rolled into a ball, hiding behind Dou Ding meekly.

“Well aren’t you guys powerful? Able to tear down this chamber, huh? You guys are just ‘sooo’ awesome, huh? A godly object, a holy weapon, not paying the slightest bit of attention to this master, huh!”

At those last two words, Qi Luoer was so infuriated that her teeth were about to snap from grinding it.

Dou Ding knew that a calamity had arrived. His two ears drooped as he lowered his eyes, whimpering, “I…… I really didn’t do it on purpose……”

He stepped back, one of his feet landing on the Holy Maiden Ribbon.

The Holy Maiden Ribbon seemed to jump with fear, subconsciously shaking as Dou Ding spun away.

Dou Ding seemed like he couldn’t stop, reaching the chamber’s door in an instant.

His heart let out a sigh of relief. Whew, he had finally escaped his master’s rage.

God ah, he was temporarily safe.

“And you!”

Qi Luoer’s rage turned to roast the Holy Maiden Ribbon. “So what if you’re a sacred object or not, you can’t just lower yourself to argue with a child!”

Outside the door, Dou Ding weakly popped out a sentence, “I am not a child!”

“Shut up!”

Qi Luoer roared like a lion, successfully forcing Dou Ding to shrink into a ball again.

The Holy Maiden Ribbon slowly got up, winding itself around Qi Luoer’s waist.

The jade bells on its ends rang softly at her back, as if it was trying to soothe her anger.

Qi Luoer looked at the freezing main hall and almost wanted to cry tearlessly but also wanted to just roll up into a ball and hide in the corner.

How would she explain this to her Shifu once he returns?

Say that the wind blew it off?

An earthquake?

An alien invasion?

The end of the world……

Wuwuwuwu, it seems like none of them were any bit realistic.

She was very, very sure that she had completely destroyed her Shifu’s good opinion of her.

She had just caused such a big ruckus in Floating Cloud Palace, so someone should’ve already came to see what was going on.

But unexpectedly, even after half a day, Qi Luoer couldn’t see anybody coming.

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