Wife is Outrageous Chapter 161

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[161] I didn’t tear down your palace hall on purpose……5

Just like you said, Little Ball– if you have the ability then come!

Qi Luoer held back a laugh as she watched the two creatures sign each other.

She squatted as she held her stomach.

This Holy Maiden Ribbon is way too proud, right?

But the provoking gesture it gave Dou Ding made him completely erupt with anger.

Its tiny body seemed to grow, its large ember eyes turning perfectly round as its pink mouth puffed up, “Damn Loach, I’ll strike you dead!”

Its body was like a bullet as it suddenly jumped into the sky, its 4 limbs opening up to resemble a giant balloon. The length of his ears suddenly grew larger as a large bolt of lightning quickly gathered.

Dou Ding shook his big head and the lightning bolt flew at the ribbon.

The air around the bolt sizzled as it flew through the air.

It was clear that even Dou Ding himself was tiny, his power certainly wasn’t!

The Holy Maiden Ribbon suddenly stretched out and once again formed a circle.

The circle couldn’t be called big or small, just barely large enough to allow Dou Ding’s strike to pass through.

Bang! Boom!

Dou Ding’s lightning strikes struck the palace wall!

The roof was like a large turtle shell and was roughly torn apart by the lightning, revealing the large ray of light!

Cold air instantly poured into the originally warm as spring chamber, chilling the depths of Qi Luoer’s bones.

She stood there blankly, a miserable expression on her face.

She was finished! She had destroyed her Shifu’s side chamber!

Who knew if her Shifu would throttle her to death once he came back?

Wuwuwu, it was all those two’s fault!

Qi Luoer’s gaze finally landed on the bodies of the two main culprits.

Dou Ding and the Holy Maiden Ribbon saw the ill intent in Qi Luoer’s eyes and trembled as they simultaneously backed away.

Qi Luoer’s large eyes were filled with anger, walking towards Dou Ding step by step.

“I, I, I, it started attacking me first!”

Now Dou Ding seemed like a deflated ball, without any of the attitude he had shown earlier. He shook his little limbs as he struggled incoherently to explain.

Author’s Note: Everyone, imagine Dou Ding’s angry appearance, haha, at Baidu, search for an angry jigglypuff picture.

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