Wife is Outrageous Chapter 160

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[160] I didn’t tear down your palace hall on purpose……

The bells on the Holy Maiden Ribbon’s ends raised as the silk in between them bent.

Qi Luoer made a 囧 face.

Why did it seem just like a human showing the middle finger?!

The Holy Maiden Ribbon’s head shook, the jade bell ringing incessantly, sounding almost mocking.

As expected, Dou Ding jumped up angrily, his ears flattening like an angry cat’s 1, “Damn loach, daring to look down on me! I’ll cook you!”

He waved his arm, summoning a strike of lightning!

The lightning strike was extremely bright.

The Holy Maiden Ribbon wrapped itself on Qi Luoer’s arm.

Qi Luoer saw the bolt of lightning shooting towards her and jumped back in fear, hurriedly flipping over onto her back.

The lightning strike flew past her loudly.

Only to hit the jade table.

“Bang! Crash!”

The jade table broke into pieces!

Qi Luoer jumped up like a carp. “Stupid Dou Ding, are you trying to kill your Master?!”

Dou Ding knew he had ran into trouble but refused to accept it, pointing at the Holy Maiden Ribbon, “That stupid loach was looking down on me and mocking me!”

(;´Д`)! Qi Luoer’s face became like 囧!

Wasn’t this Holy Maiden Ribbon a weapon?

怎么倒像是成了精似的,and had such a temperment, even provoking Dou Ding!

Qi Luoer felt a headache beginning as she stared at the crumbling jade table.

She had only just come to Floating Cloud Palace and already destroyed her Shifu’s items…. She didn’t even know if it was expensive or not…..

The Holy Maiden Ribbon waved back and forth violently, as if it was shaking with laughter, rings incessantly sounding from its two jade bells.

It seemed to be very happy.

Dou Ding’s two eyes widened, “Stupid Loach, come down if you have the ability! Stop using Master as a shield!”

The ribbon turned and really did get off Qi Luoer’s arm.

The head and tail of the ribbon joined together as it circled in the air, actually resembling a fat Dou Ding before it suddenly flattened, as if it had been beaten by a fist.

The ribbon continue to fly in the air, this time forming a large, laughing mouth, seeming to mock Dou Ding.

Before Dou Ding could react, it suddenly fled high into the air, its white tips resembling a hooked finger.

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  1. LOL Too funny 🙂 I hope you get more motivation to translate *flutters eyelashes* This is such a funny little story 🙂 Thank you for all your work!

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