Wife is Outrageous Chapter 159

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[159] I didn’t tear down your palace hall on purpose……3

Yue Wushang was the leader of the Demonic Sect, and all of the disciples were originally vicious and merciless.

He also had a pretty good relationship with Su Yunluo, but in the end, wasn’t he completely ruthless?

Why did she think that she was any different?

“Dou Bao’s master definitely won’t kill you, you’re his future wangfei 1!”

A voice suddenly appeared from inside her sleeve.

Qi Luoer was startled. Dou Ding! It was Dou Ding’s voice!

So many things had happened so fast today that Qi Luoer had completely forgot Dou Ding hidden in her sleeve.

Dou Ding also seemed very strange, like he had been sleeping the entire time and only woke up now.

Right now, Dou Ding was actually twisting around the Holy Maiden Ribbon.

As she watched the large bumps wriggle under her sleeve, Dou Ding suddenly called out unhappily, “Release me! Oi, this thing is choking me to death, let me go!”

The Holy Maiden Ribbon didn’t seem to expect that Qi Luoer’s “sleeve” could talk and trembled, winding around her arm even more tightly.

“Ah, what is this?! Do you want to strangle this Laozi?! Quickly release me! Let me go!”

Dou Ding shouted.

Aaah, this Holy Maiden Ribbon won’t actually do it, right?

Qi Luoer immediately swatted the Holy Maiden Ribbon on her arm and tried to talk to it. “Clever Ling’er [/footnote] Ling’er= character for Ribbon, but Ribbon’er sounds weird so [/footnote], quickly let go. Dou Ding is my spirit beast, you two must get along.”

Strangely, the Holy Maiden Ribbon seemed to actually understand what she was saying and loosened its grip on her arm.

Dou Ding took seized the opportunity and popped his big head out.

“Ah! Almost choked me to death!”

Dou Ding opened its pink mouth and gasped for air.

His two big eyes spun around, staring at the Holy Maiden Ribbon on Qi Luoer’s arm unhappily. “Damn loach! Why would you do that to me?!”

The Holy Maiden Ribbon raised its head at him before lying back down on Qi Luoer’s arm, as if regarding him with contempt.

“Hey, hey, you stupid loach, what’s with that attitude?! What’s so amazing about being a holy object?!

Laozi is a godly treasure! One rank higher than you!”

Dou Ding seemed to have been pissed off as he crossed his arms, standing angrily. 2

The bells on the Holy Maiden Ribbon’s ends raised as the silk in between them bent. 3

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