Wife is Outrageous Chapter 158

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A wave of familiarity crashed into Qi Luoer’s heart. The feeling was overwhelming.

She couldn’t help but extend her hand forwards, tremblingly as she touched it.

The ribbon was soft and smooth, with warmth that spreads throughout one’s body.

The Holy Maiden Ribbon suddenly trembled, spasming as it jumped up.

It spun around her as if it was extremely excited. It shook its white head, the sounds of the jade bells heart-shaking.

Qi Luoer was dumbfounded. She couldn’t help but reach out again, and the ribbon coiled around her hand.

It gently wrapped itself around her arm and stayed there quietly.

Li Yu’s mouth gaped with shock, wide enough to fit a duck egg inside.

He was shocked for half the day before jumping up and pointing at Qi Luoer, his voice trembling, “Holy Maiden! You’re actually the Holy Maiden! Hahaha, this is too good! Too good!”

He laughed, not caring about tainting his image.

Crash! The month long image he had held of a gentle, stable, and graceful immortal was completely destroyed.

Qi Luoer was embarrassed to the extreme, her face looking like 囧.

This…… isn’t this Li Yu a bit too happy?!

“Luoer, stay here and don’t move, I’ll go report to the two sect masters! 1 Ha ha, turns out the Holy Maiden didn’t die. If the Shifus find out, they’ll be overjoyed.”

After finishing his sentence, he disappeared, seeming as if he was running away.

“Hey, Li Shixiong……”

Qi Luoer wanted to call for him to stop. However, only a ‘whoosh’ could be heard as Li Yu rocketed away.

Then, appearing as if his butt was on fire, he hurriedly descended the mountain.

Qi Luoer laughed bitterly, not knowing what she was feeling in her heart.

So she’s actually the Holy Maiden, but wasn’t this a bit too strange?

Could it be that she came over from the modern era to become this annoying Holy Maiden person?

Then wouldn’t it mean that Su Yunluo took her place and died tragically in vain?

She trembled as she remembered Su Yunluo’s terrible death.

If Bai Li knew that she was the Holy Maiden that day, what would Bai Li have done?

Would she also have been killed?

She smiled bitterly.

Definitely, right?

Yue Wushang was the leader of the Demonic Sect, and all of the disciples were originally vicious and merciless.

He also had a pretty good relationship with Su Yunluo, but in the end, wasn’t he completely ruthless?

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