Wife is Outrageous Chapter 157

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[157] I didn’t tear down your palace hall on purpose……

Qi Luoer suddenly understood. So this was why all the newly accepted disciples were all female.

And also most likely why Yue Wushang infiltrated Ziyun Sect as Bai Li.

So Su Yunluo was actually the Holy Maiden, and so Yue Wushang was afraid that she would one day pose a serious threat? That was why he was so ruthless……

She finally understood the whole story and looked at the Holy Maiden Ribbon again.

The Holy Maiden Ribbon still glowed with a faint luster. She suddenly felt a burst of dizziness, as if something was calling.

The call fluttered distantly, as if it was coming through thousands of mountains and rivers.

It was like nonsense, but also held an indescribable sense of familiarity.

The pit of her stomach warmed almost like she was summoned, the feeling holding some bizzare, tempting power. Unexpectedly, she couldn’t help but go forward.

“Luoer, what happened?”

Li Yu saw Qi Luoer’s face pale and eyes turn blank, as if she was taken over by a demon.

He was struck with alarm as he reached out to pull her.

Qi Luoer was startled, her steps pausing like she was about to stop.

But her legs seemed to have a mind of their own, refusing to follow her control.

She was like a moth drawn to a flame, step by step walking forward.

Closer, even closer!

Soon, Qi Luoer was only 10 feet away from the green jade table.

Ding! A sharp and crisp sound suddenly echoed in the room, scaring both Li Yu and Qi Luoer.

Qi Luoer subconsciously stepped back.

There was a sudden flash of light as the previously motionless white ribbon rose up.

The little jade bells on the ribbon’s ends rang softly.
It resembled a beauty being awoken, seeming both languid and drowsy.

Li Yu and Qi Luoer were both stunned.

What…… what was going on? What was the Holy Maiden Ribbon doing?

Before they could think clearly, the Holy Maiden Ribbon suddenly streched towards them like a snake, arriving in front of Qi Luoer.

The little jade bells extended towards Qi Luoer’s bosom, like puppies finding their master.

A wave of familiarity crashed into Qi Luoer’s heart. The feeling was overwhelming.

She couldn’t help but extend her hand forwards, tremblingly as she touched it.

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  1. at last…i’m still glad that it wasn’t found before tho, since that way she could see the real face of the sect leader and the elders

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