Wife is Outrageous Chapter 154

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[154] Like a movie star walking on the red carpet.

Li Yu laughed heartily. “Of course. With me here, nobody would dare to bully my little Shimei 1!” He smiled happily like a child, patting his chest.

Qi Luoer didn’t expect to see that Li Yu, a warm and scholarly man in the classroom, could also behave so childishly like this.

Her heart warmed as she giggled. “Many thanks to Li Shixiong 2.”

Qi Luoer suddenly seemed to remember something as she hurriedly offered Yun Xue 3 with both hands: “Shifu, your sword.”

Yun Hua didn’t take it, “You can use the sword very well, so I’ll give it to you as a greeting gift.”

Qi Luoer was startled, “How can that be? This is shifu’s personal sword so if shifu gives it to me, what will happen when shifu fights against an enemy….”

“As the shifu, I naturally have other swords. Don’t you still lack a weapon? You can use it temporarily. Although the sword isn’t a very special immortal treasure, it’s very powerful in the hands of somebody that’s talented with the sword. Swords are very important to my Ziyun Sect’s disciples, so train hard and live up to the sword’s ability.”

Qi Luoer was touched as she nodded, proclaiming loudly, “Shifu, disciple understands.”

She hugged the sword tightly to her chest and never loosened her embrace.

Yun Hua looked at her, his voice warm, “Luoer, pack your things and come to Floating Cloud Palace. Tomorrow, shifu will pass on a dao technique to you.”

Qi Luoer just nodded repeatedly.

Yun Hua turned around and left.

Qi Luoer and Li Yu followed behind him.

Leaving the Ancestor’s Hall, the world seemed to become even more vast. More than a thousand disciples guarded outside, each with an imposing and dignified air.

The news spread around very fast and now, almost everybody knew that Sir Yun Hua had accepted another disciple.

Everyone wanted to see who was so lucky and so when they came out of the room, almost everybody stared at them. Some gazes were filled with admiration, and others, envy.

Qi Luoer felt like a movie star walking on the red carpet. There was an unspeakable sense of both pride and nervousness.

The three left the hall and arrived at the Zhishang Plaza.

Yun Hua spoke indifferently, “Okay, Shifu has work to finish so Yu’er 4, give Luoer a tour so she can familiarize with the environment. After that, she can go to Floating Cloud Palace.”

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