Wife is Outrageous Chapter 152

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[152] Did I say I wasn’t accepting disciples?

Yun Hua spoke indifferently, “I’ve already set up a demon subduing boundary. Even if its Yue Wushang, it won’t be easy to get in.”

Ling Xuzi nodded, “That’s great! As long as Yue Wushang comes again, we’ll definitely be able to capture him!”

Yue Wushang didn’t speak, his cold eyes instead landing on Qi Luoer, “Luoer, come here.”

Qi Luoer turned stupid.

She had no immunity towards Yun Hua and couldn’t help but walk towards him.

“Kneel!” Yun Hua turned around, his figure seeming just like the ancestor’s.

Ah? Qi Luoer was still somewhat stupid.

Why kneel down? She didn’t do anything bad, right?

Yun Hua watched her stand foolishly with a stupid expression on her face.

He raised an eyebrow, “What? You don’t want to take me as your shifu?”

His words were like throwing a rock into a lake, stirring up countless ripples and waves.

Everyone’s eyes widened.

Ling Xuzi frowned, lines like 川 appearing between his brows, “Junior Apprentice Brother , you want to take a disciple? How come I’ve never heard?”

Yun Hua asked indifferently, “Did I say I wouldn’t accept a disciple?”

Ling Xuzi choked and stopped talking.

Yun Hua really didn’t say that he wouldn’t accept a disciple.

But it’s already been 200 years since he had last accepted a disciple, so why did he suddenly want to accept one again now?

There were too many people in the hall so he naturally couldn’t question Yun Hua. Plus, since Yun Hua is the second sect master, he had no right to question him in the first place.

His face turned slightly red.

He looked at Yun Hua again and saw his firm eyes. He had clearly already made a decision.

His heart cooled.

He knew that although his Junior Apprentice Brother usually didn’t like to bother with extra work, once he decided on something, it’d be very hard for him to change.

He could only stop and wave his sleeve with regret.

Qi Luoer’s heart stopped for a moment before suddenly thumping wildly! She still couldn’t believe her own ears.

She stammered, “Wha…… What?”

He really wanted to accept her as a disciple? She really had such good luck?

Yun Hua’s lips curved slightly, an indistinct smile seeming to appear on his face as he extended his hand towards her.

His knuckles and fingers were as white as jade, slender and fair. It was very beautiful. “Qi Luoer, do you want me as your shifu?”

Want, want! She wanted very much!

Qi Luoer shouted in her heart. However, what came out of her mouth was: “You…… you’re not afraid I’m a spy from the demonic sect?” 1

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6 thoughts on “Wife is Outrageous Chapter 152

  1. in the first lines it says “Yue Wushang didn’t speak, his cold eyes instead landing on Qi Luoer, “Luoer, come here.” i think it should be Yun Hua, no?

  2. Ir’s not that I hate YH, in fact out of all the leaders he’d been the most upfront. I dislike the sect though, but that’s me. They don’t trust her, which means well… it’s a good story all the same ^_^ just dislike the sect ^_^

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