Wife is Outrageous Chapter 147

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[147] Was her performance good enough for Yun Hua?

He had already taken notice of this disciple for a very long time.

Although she didn’t normally speak a lot, her work was extremely clear cut, intelligent and strong.

She was willing to face hardships. Her exterior was cold, but inside, her heart was warm, filled with justice.

Thinking back to her performance in the cave, the corners of his lips curved into a smile.

This girl, in order to save the other disciples, didn’t hesitate to risk her life to fight against the ‘demonic sect disciples’. Truly too good!

How could such a kind-hearted and just girl be a traitor belonging to the demonic sects?

Not to mention that it was he himself who had made Qi Luoer and Bai Li share a bedroom.

Bai Li’s demonic, strange appearance changing technique was simply too strong. It not only fooled Qi Luoer, but also all the disciples of Ziyun Sect.

Even the two sect masters couldn’t tell.

Sect Master Ling had even thought that she was the Celestial Maiden and paid special attention to her, but didn’t expect that it’d lead to the real Celestial Maiden being killed!

Really too cunning!

Now they couldn’t do anything against Yue Wushang and could only doubt Qi Luoer, this little girl’s innocence. Ai, this little girl was simply too pitiful.

Li Yu pondered. He turned to look at Qi Luoer and couldn’t help but say something, “Miss Qi, please don’t feel hurt. Pure is pure, impure is impure. I believe you!”

Qi Luoer was startled, a warm current rolling into her icy heart as she smiled slightly, “Immortal Guide Li, thank you.”

Li Yu saw the cold, stagnant water in her eyes safely turn peaceful, becoming a beautiful, gleaming lake. It was clear, pure, but unpredictable.

Her entire face seemed to emit an eye dazzling luster!

His heartstrings suddenly seemed to be tugged as a smile spread over his gentle and refined face, “Miss Qi, the vice-sect master and 8 great elders are all accepting disciples.

You’re intelligent, strong and perceptive so I’m sure you’ll get accepted, even if you’re my little shimei 1.

Just don’t call me Immortal Guide Li. My name or Li dage 2 is fine.”

Qi Luoer looked pensive, sighing slightly.

Was her performance good enough for Yun Hua?

Right now, she was still suspected of being the ‘Demonic Sect’s Undiscovered Spy’. Would Yun Hua still want to accept her?

If he doesn’t agree, then what should she do?

Would it still be better to just leave Ziyun Sect?

If she left Ziyun Sect and just lived her life here in this unfamiliar world, then where would she go?

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  1. I seriously don’t see why shes so obsessed with that guy. Also these guys are stupid if the ribbon or whatever had sentience to pick its master then why would it act dead after checking that girl it’s obvious that it didn’t choose her

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