Wife is Outrageous Chapter 146

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[146] Luoer, want to come with me?

That pervert wasn’t shameful at all, acting so indecently towards her!

It’s said that rumors can’t trick a sage; she and Bai Li truly had nothing going on.

She had no need to lower herself to argue with others!

But if others still wouldn’t leave her alone……

Qi Luoer thought, almost zoning out.

“Luoer, want to come with me?”

A voice suddenly sounded from beside her.

Ah? What?

Qi Luoer raised her head only to see Li Yu smiling gently at her.

She was startled for a second : “Come? Come where?”

Li Yu sighed.

This girl really had zoned out. She actually didn’t hear anything they had said.

He smiled slightly, “Naturally come to Ziyun Mountain. Look around, everybody’s already left.”

Qi Luoer looked around. The 8 great elders, Yun Hua, Ling Xuzi, not even the rest of the newly accepted disciples could be seen.

Lights twinkled in the sky, flying in the direction of Ziyun Mountain.

Li Yu pointed, a black sword floating there.

Li Yu stepped on it and extended his hand towards her, “Let’s go. I’ll bring you.”

Qi Luoer bit her lip and hesitated somewhat before finally stepping on.

Li Yu smiled faintly, “Stand carefully!”

Muttering a sword scripture, it soared through the air.

Although it wasn’t Qi Luoer’s first time soaring through the clouds, the first time was sitting with Yun Hua on a cloud.

It was very smooth, just like a large plane. There were no bumps at all.

And although Li Yu’s sword could be counted as steady, the difference was obvious.

It felt as if she was standing on a very high swing, making her heart beat with fear and trepidation.

She subconsciously focused at Li Yu firmly. Li Yu who was controlling the sword in front patted her hand, hinting for her to be calm.

Although Qi Luoer’s heart was still very nervous, it no longer showed on her face.

She bit her lips and didn’t say a word.

Li Yu secretly admired her strength in his heart.

Amongst the other newly entered disciples, the majority of them would turn completely pale and some would even scream loudly.

A girl like Qi Luoer was seriously rare.

A hint of admiration passed through his eyes.

He had already taken notice of this disciple for a very long time.

Although she didn’t normally speak a lot, her work was extremely clear cut, intelligent and strong.

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