Wife is Outrageous Chapter 144

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[144] Maybe she was Always his……5

It’s a troublesome time right now, so it might be very dangerous to face an enemy without a weapon.”

Ling Xuzi closed his eyes wearily, exhausted as he warned Yun Hua.

The two talked using an immortal’s language, so nobody could hear them.

Yun Hua didn’t reply, continuing to watch Qi Luoer and Li Chongzi’s battle.

Now, Qi Luoer and Li Chongzi were both evenly matched.

Qi Luoer’s agility and martial arts was much better than Li Chongzi’s, but Li Chongzi’s techniques were also a cut above Qi Luoer’s.

The two’s fight both used rarely seen treasured swords.

The fight was brilliant, a variety of moves on display.

Li Chongzi could naturally recognize Yun Hua’s sword.

Her heart filled with envy and anger. “Fine! Then I’d like to see how skilled a witch like you really are with the sword!”

She muttered something and Qiu Shui was enveloped by a bright light along with Li Chongzi herself. It burst with sword qi, the green qi dancing in the air like ribbons. It was extremely beautiful.

Beauty was beauty, but the ribbons were meant for taking lives.

It sweeped out towards Qi Luoer, flying with incomparable speed, leaving nothing behind.

Qi Luoer sneered coldly, not saying a thing.

Her figure whirled as she turned, weaving around Li Chongzi’s sword.

Her movements were very strange. Although it seemed somewhat yet not gaudy, it was extremely practical and unleashed an unspeakable sense of dominance.

Li Chongzi often attacked from unexpected angles, making it impossible to dodge.

The two had only fought for 10 moves when Li Chongzi was already about to lose, battered and exhausted.

The next 7-8 moves, Li Chongzi was filled with anger. Qiu Shui was like lightning in her hands, attacking Qi Luoer relentlessly.

Qi Luoer just smiled coldly. Her body flickered and unexpectedly, she threw herself right in front of Li Chongzi’s sword, not caring about it at all!

The sword in her hand was like a viper, swiftly thrusting towards Li Chongzi’s throat!

This was actually a move that put them both at risk!

Li Chongzi’s body was delicate and noble, so she naturally wouldn’t dare to risk her life.

Her body immediately leaned to the side and turned the direction of her sword, using it to block Qi Luoer’s attack.

But unexpectedly, just as she moved, Qi Luoer had suddenly disappeared!

She turned pale with fright, about to turn around to find her when she suddenly felt a gust of wind at the back of her head. Her nape turned cold as she felt Qi Luoer’s sword on her throat.

The cool air seemed to seep into her bones as her face instantly turned completely white!

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