Wife is Outrageous Chapter 143

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[143] Maybe she was always his……4

Qi Luoer immediately recognized the event as one of good fortune and reached out to grab the sword.

She stared at the blade as thin as a cicada’s wing, so pure and limpid like ice and snow.

The sword’s faint light fluctuated like colored glass, beaming in multiple colors under the moonlight.

This was truly a treasured sword! No, this was an immortal’s sword!

Just now was the first time she saw such a thing!

This- This was the sword Yun Hua carried ah!

She raised her head to stare at Yun Hua.

Yun Hua’s face was still indifferent, only nodding slightly towards her.

Staring at his unexpected actions, Qi Luoer felt her mind explode as hot blood flooded into her cheeks. 1

Yun Hua believed her!

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have given her this sword.

Qi Luoer’s eyes reddened, tears threatening to spill out.

Because of Bai Li, she originally had a stomach full of fire.

Now being misunderstood by everybody and humiliated by Li Chongzi, with Ziyun Sect ignoring her plight, it was like a tacit approval of Li Chongzi’s words.

It made her want to scream and whine and fight.

She had hardened her heart. If Ziyun Sect didn’t believe her, then she would leave Ziyun Sect and look for somewhere else to live.

Since this place didn’t want to keep her 2 and wanted to dispose of her, she refused to believe that she wouldn’t be able to stay happily in the secular world with her skills.

The sword Yun Hua bestowed was truly like sending charcoal in snowy weather 3, warming her icy-cold heart.

As she held the sword hilt, it felt almost like it still contained some of Yun Hua’s warmth.

Silken threads followed up her palms into her body as she felt an unspeakable sense of coziness and comfort.

Warmth flooded into her heart.

She bit her lips, resisting the tears that filled her eyes.

Ling Xuzi naturally recognized Yun Hua’s sword and turned to look at him, “Shidi 4, you……”

Yun Hua spoke indifferently, “Since it’s a duel, it must be fair. Li Chongzi has an immortal’s sword, so it’s not justified if Qi Luoer doesn’t have one too.”

“You…… sigh, ok, ok. In the end, it is your own sword that’s accompanied you for years. There’s no harm in lending it to her, just remember to get it back after.

It’s a troublesome time right now, so it might be very dangerous to face an enemy without a weapon.”

Ling Xuzi closed his eyes wearily, exhausted as he warned Yun Hua.

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  1. Lame, shes incredibly stupid I don’t see the point in allowing her to try and cultivate I can tell she won’t be getting to become strong if this is how it goes. Also her delusions towards this guy is unbearable

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