Wife is Outrageous Chapter 142

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[142] Maybe She Was Always His……3

When she saw Li Chongzi’s sword flashing down, she flurriedly tried to parry the blow while simultaneously trying her best to flip backwards. Finally, had she managed to evade Li Chognzi’s killing blow.

But when her wooden peach sword greeted Qiu Shui, only a ‘chi’ sound could be heard as her sword was easily cut in half.

Li Chongzi brought her sword out because she wanted to show off her strength.

Qiu Shui’s sword light was like electricty transforming into countless sword flowers, completely enveloping Qi Luoer.

Only ‘chi’, ‘chi’, ‘chi’ sounds could be heard as the wooden sword in Qi Luoer’s hand got cut all the way up until its hilt!

Ling Xuzi brows creased slightly. He didn’t care about the two newly accepted disciples fighting as he just watched coldly.

Yun Hua frowned a bit as he glanced faintly at Ling Xuzi. He naturally knew what Ling Xuzi was thinking.

After Bai Li revealed her true form, Senior Brother had also found her to be somewhat suspicious. Right now, it was the perfect oppertunity to look at her true strength.

QI Luoer no longer had any weapons, and was almost hit by Li Chongzi’s sword several times.

She knew that if this continued, she’d definitely lose very miserably. She might even lose her life!

She knew that attacking her was out of question, and could only try to steal the sword.

She focused her qi, twisted her body and gently moved with her toes as she flipped through the air.

She dodged the sword qi and avoided the strike towards her neck, moving with unfathomable speed. Soon, she was right in front of Li Chongzi!

Li Chongzi turned pale with fright as she hurriedly pulled back her sword and thrusted it forward!

Qi Luoer clenched her teeth and slanted slightly to the side before actually recklessly throwing herself at Li Chongzi!
She was risking her life to take away Li Chongzi’s sword!

Everybody watched as Qiu Shui rushed towards Qi Luoer’s left rib. Many of them closed their eyes in fear, no longer wanting to watch.

But they didn’t expect to instead suddenly hear a clear hiss of an incoming sword. Accompanied by a shaft of white light, it shot through the air with alarming ferocity and sword qi.

The light sped as it moved across the ground to arrive between the two, and the ferocious sword force that it contained forced Li Chongzi back several paces.

The sword no longer tried to attack her, flying in circles around Qi Luoer before stopping right in front of her.

It trembled slightly, as if inviting her.

Qi Luoer immediately recognized the event as one of good fortune and reached out to grab the sword.

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