Wife is Outrageous Chapter 141

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[141] Maybe she was always his……2


Li Chongzi hadn’t finished speaking when, suddenly, a loud, crisp noise sounded as a heavy slap landed on her face!

Qi Luoer’s slap was extremely fast. Nobody was close enough to stop her.

Li Chongzi was actually sent spinning by Qi Luoer’s slap.

“Li Chongzi! Words need evidence, or else it’s just slander!”

Qi Luoer spoke coldly.

She knew that after Yue Wushang revealed himself, there’d definitely be people gossiping about them.

She had already prepared herself for it.

But she hadn’t thought that Li Chongzi would actually denounce her in this manner, slandering her name.

She was filled with anger and had nowhere to vent it, so in the end, she could no longer control her actions and decided to teach Li Chongzi a lesson.

Her slap wasn’t light and Li Chongzi was completely caught off guard, so she had no time to dodge. Her beautiful face was swollen on one side.


The other newly entered disciples around them had only just reacted, sucking in a cold breath.

Daring to slap her face, did Qi Luoer not want to live?

Li Chongzi was almost hit stupid by her, not reacting for a long time.

She grew up in a palace of riches, so when had she ever tasted bitterness like this? Her anger burst out and she could no longer control herself as she charged, “You demoness, I’ll kill you!”

In her hands was a lusterous azure colored sword. It’s name was Qiu Shui (Autumn Waters), and was the Imperial Palace’s Zhen Temple’s treasure.

It contained the power of many souls, making its aura very theatening. It could cut through anyone within 10 meters of its range silently.

Even the slightest glance on the sword could wound somebody. It was truly a rarely seen, unique sword.

The Emperor loved his daughter dearly and so when he saw that she wanted to cultivate, she bestowed her this sword.

She treated the sword like a treasure and didn’t want to harm any bit of it. She wouldn’t use it until the situation was extremely urgent.

Today, she brought it so she could pass the exam.

Now, her heart was filled with anger and without thinking, Qiu Shui had already acted, shooting towards Qi Luoer like a meteor!

But before the sword could cut down, a forest green sword had already pushed it away!

Qi Luoer tasted fear. Her dagger had already been taken away by Yue Wushang, and now she had nothing but the wooden peach sword by her side.

When she saw Li Chongzi’s sword flashing down, she flurriedly tried to parry the blow while simultaneously trying her best to flip backwards. Finally, had she managed to evade Li Chognzi’s killing blow.

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