Wife is Outrageous Chapter 139

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[139] Laozi kicked the bucket (died)

Yue Wushang glanced at Lan Tao and Qing Feng, his handsome face tight, “Didn’t Laozi tell you all at Shenlou Palace to wait? Who allowed you to come!”

Lan Tao and Qing Feng lowered their heads, “Miss……. Miss was worried and made a scene everyday to find you. Today she had a strange dream, and dreamed that…… dreamed that……”

Yue Wushang raised a brow and snorted, “Dreamed that Laozi kicked the bucket?”

(,,꒪꒫꒪,,)!A drop of sweat dripped down Lan Tao and Qing Feng’s head.

Their Master never had any taboos with his words, making them even more afraid.

Lan Tao spoke softly, “Miss dreamed that you, because of Yun Hua…… Miss could no longer remain calm and said she wanted to find Yun Hua to get revenge. We tried to stop her, but we were forced to come too……”

Yue Wushang’s face was dark as he glanced at Yue Ziying unhappily.

This damn girl, dreaming so stupidly. Actually dreaming that he was killed by Yun Hua!

Hmpth, he, Yue Wushang was much stronger than Yun Hua. How could he possibly die because of him?

Yi, this girl’s face is a bit strange……

“Yue Wushang, are you done talking? Make a move!”

Yun Hua spoke faintly. He moved his hand, resting it on the hilt of his sword.

Yue Wushang sighed, “Yun Hua, you’re right. The amount of years we’ve known each other already can’t be less than a thousand. You can’t beat me and Laozi can’t kill you, even after a few days, neither of us can get a victory.

Although Laozi is itching for a battle and would love to beat you into a kowtow, Laozi currently has something to do and can’t play with you.”

Leaving those final words, he waved his sleeves and a gold light appeared, wrapping around the demonic sect disciples. Suddenly, they disappeared without a trace.

Ling Xuzi shouted, alarmed, “Don’t let them get away!”

He moved, sweeping his sword!

Yue Wushang laughed. Suddenly, only a thin outline of his figure could be seen before a white light soared through the air, disappearing into the horizon.

His voice sounded in the distance, “Yun Hua, my daughter is still alright. But if she really dies, then Laozi will bury Ziyun Mountain with her!”

His speed was astonishing, leaving Ziyun Sect no time to react.

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  1. Wushang withdrew from the fight to save his daughter. But will he return? Will he come to meet with Luoer? Will Yun Hua change his relationship with Luoer? Will Luoer be ousted from the sect ? Or will she be killed or imprisoned?

    thank you

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