Wife is Outrageous Chapter 135

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[135] Embraced just like a lover…… 2

Her mind subconsciously wanted to deny it, but feeling Su Yunluo’s body soft as if boneless and slowly growing limp like mud……

Her soul had already left!

Qi Luoer could only feel her head buzz with noise.

She and Su Yunluo were like sisters. Watching her die violently right in front of her eyes, Qi Luoer’s mind was filled with red hot blood. Without thinking, she pulled out her hidden dagger and thrusted it at Yue Wushang!

Her movements were as fast as the wind, but couldn’t reach Yue Wushang’s body as if she had met with an invisble barrier, completely stopping all her momentum.

Yue Wushang raised his head, a smile yet not a smile in his eyes as he faced Qi Luoer, “Little Luoer, you want to kill me for her?”

His voice was soft and gentle like water, but Qi Luoer could only feel the air around her turn cold.

She didn’t know why, but Qi Luoer felt as if her heart containing all her resentment had snapped.

Her eyes held a layer of fog as she couldn’t help but cry out, “Monster, she was also once your friend! How could you have the heart to just kill her like that?!”

Yue Wushang was slightly startled, stopped by her scalding tears as his hand loosened.

QI Luoer’s dagger pierced into his chest perfectly!

Qi Luoer seemed to be venting, her dagger like the moon falling down on the silver snake.

Dazzlingly bright, only a flash of silver could be seen.

In modern times, Qi Luoer’s sword technique had achieved the highest possible level.

Soon after the tip pierced into his chest, Qi Luoer stopped, startled.

Yue Wushang actually didn’t dodge, allowing her dagger to directly stab into his chest!

The dagger sharply pierced into his flesh, arriving straight at his heart.

Only a little push and the dagger would run through his heart. But she couldn’t help but stop.

Through her tightly gripped dagger, she could feel his heart pulsing.

She felt it tremble in the depths of her hand.

Something warm seeped through. It was his blood!

It trickled along the silver-blue blade, slowly making its way to the hilt and dying her hands red.

Yue Wushang didn’t move, as if the one stabbed wasn’t him.

But Qi Luoer felt her eyes stab with pain as she watched the blood stain the white garment, “Why didn’t you dodge?!”

The moment the words spilled out from her mouth, Qi Luoer regretted it!

It was like a melodramatic love drama ah. Her words were actually just like a cliche actor’s!

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