Wife is Outrageous Chapter 134

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[134] Embraced gently like a lover

Qi Luoer had never seen such a beautiful purple color before. It was clear and bight, overflowing with light and color, as if it was a small brook shaded by glossy pearls. It was gorgeous beyond words.

One purple and one silver light weaved through the sky and fought.

Only a sharp ‘Chi!’ sound could be heard, as if a ladle of hot oil was dropped into a bucket of cold water and a microphone was used to magnify the sound.

The sound was oddly ear-piercing, making everyone cover their ears.

Yun Hua took a step back.

But Yue Wushang seemed as if he was struck by something, dropping from the sky like a hawk.

The members of the Ziyun Sect who had once fought with Yue Wushang were startled.

Since when was Yue Wushang so weak?

But since their sect managed to inflict serious damage on the enemy leader, it was still a happy thing and everyone couldn’t help but get up to cheer.

But the cheer had yet to slip out their throats when Yue Wushang suddenly fell beside the new disciples.

Because the newly entered disciples had very weak magic power, Ling Xuzi had set up a protective barrier around them.

That way, they won’t be hurt by the remnants of left over power from the fight.

But they didn’t expect that to Yue Wushang, it was as fragile as an eggshell, easily breaking through and falling inside!

Before everyone could react, Yue Wushang raised his arm, striking at Su Yunluo like wind!

Su Yunluo was one of the best amongst the new batch of disciples, but how could she possibly be able to dodge Yue Wushang’s killing strike?

She opened her mouth to cry in fear.

Before any noise could even leave her throat, Yue Wushang’s sleeve reached her chest!

Embraced gently just like a lover, Su Yunluo’s body grew soft like water, but there was no longer signs of any life.

The corners of her lips curved into a strange smile as her body slowly fell limp……

Nobody antipacted this sudden change. They all froze, not knowing what to do next!

They hadn’t expected that Yue Wushang would be able to kill Su Yunluo with just one fatal strike!

Qi Luoer was right beside Su Yunluo and watched as she fell, not knowing how to react.

Her mind subconsciously wanted to deny it, but feeling Su Yunluo’s body soft as if boneless and slowly growing limp like mud……

Her soul had already left!

Qi Luoer could only feel her head buzz with noise.

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