Wife is Outrageous Chapter 132

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[132] Silly girl, who let you come.

Out of the corner of her eye, a white robed person soared to the sky.

The person’s speed was unimaginably fast, appearing beside the purple robed woman in almost an instant!

But- he was still a step too late.

Yun Hua’s illusory palm that held the force of more than 30 catties of thunder had already hit the purple robed woman right in the chest!

The sound of the bones shattering was especially clear.

The purple robed woman stumbled, violently spitting out a mouthful of blood as she slowly fell into the white robed person’s bosom.

Qi Luoer was almost turned stupid as she involuntarily shouted, “Bai Li!”

The one who tried to save the purple robed woman was actually Bai Li!

She embraced the purple robed girl and sighed, “Silly girl, who let you come?!”

When the purple robed girl’s originally pale as paper face with only a breath of life left heard Bai Li’s voice, her eyes flew open as she asked tremblingly, “Foster….. Foster Father?!”

Foster Father?!
Her voice wasn’t loud, but when everyone heard it, it was no less than a thunderclap.

Everybody looked at each other, but QI Luoer looked as if she’d been hit by a door, shocked dumb!

Bai Li wasn’t a woman?

How, how did she turn into somebody’s foster father?

Yun Hua’s face paled slightly, his normally indifferent eyes sharpening as he spoke, “Yue Wushang! It’s actually you!”

A light flashed, and the sweet, dissolute Bai Li could no longer be seen.

Standing in her place was a devastatingly beautiful man.

A head of ink black hair loosely draped over his shoulders, enchanting his glossy, jade like pearly skin.

His brows were like crescent moons, a fiery lightning mark etched between his brows.

Like a red plum flower blossoming in the snow, he held a soul-shaking, bewitching flavor.

His eyes were obsidian, as deep as the ocean.

His lips were like red clouds, curved with a faint smile.

His whole body seemed languid, pretty and flirtatious.

But his aura was enough to make most people tremble with fear, not daring to look.

Nobody expected the change.

Ling Xuzi’s face turned like ice, his brows tightening to form an expression of ruthlessness and worry.

The demonic sect’s leader had actually infiltrated inside their Ziyun Sect!

And he had actually stayed for a whole month! If news of this got out, won’t their sect be turned into a laughingstock by the others?

Qi Luoer almost fell, the expression on her face as if she’d been struck by thunder! She stared incredulously at the familiar yet unfamiliar person.

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