Wife is Outrageous Chapter 130

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[130]We’ve shared the bed for so long (3)

Suddenly, she saw Qi Luoer pulling Su Yunluo’s hand, speaking softly to her.

His heart suddenly thumped, “This girl and Su Yunluo’s relationship is pretty good…. If I kill her now, then Little Luoer will definitely be afraid of me…..”

Her thought didn’t finish when Ling Xuzi suddenly spoke smilingly, “The demonic sects have always held evil intentions, it seems like last time’s beating wasn’t enough. Everyone, what do you think about going out to watch?”

Everybody naturally wanted to and all nodded their heads.

Bai Li slowly lowered her clenched fists.

It was better to first go see which bastard it was that came to disturb everything, causing him so much trouble!

Ling Xuzi closed his eyes as he chanted the incantation, his fingers glowing with a faint white light.

The white light coiled into a circle around all the students as Ling Xuzi suddenly shouted, “Open!”

Qi Luoer had flowers in her eyes. A burst of dizziness hit her head before suddenly, the land in front of her turned bright!

She opened her eyes to finally gaze upon the sunlight, for the first time in a long while!

And in the sunlight that was unseen by her in the longest time, there were 7 colors sparkling in the air. The scene made it seem as if a rainbow had disintegrated in the sky.

All kinds of colors were dancing in the air.

The sky looked liked an artist’s palette, indescribably beautiful.

Following the displays of light in the sky, countless jin insturments played in the sky, the jumble of notes forming a matchless symphony.

And after the sounds, rocks of all sizes tumbled down all around the mountain, crashing into each other on the ground.

They crumbled into grains of sand. The power was extremely strong!

Immortals PK!

Qi Luoer’s eyes widened. She finally got to see legendary cultivators PK!

She also saw the earlier missing 8 great elders!

They were currently flying in the air, facing against some black robed demonic cultivators anxiously.

There were 2 especially conspicuous people amongst the demonic cultivators. One of them was wearing black robes, but the cuffs of his sleeves were lined with red.

The other one wore a blue robe, the cuffs of his sleeves lined with yellow.

The 2’s martial arts were clearly a cut above the others.

Bright light emitted from every move, bringing big gusts of wind.

Although the 8 great elders were being besieged by more than 10 demonic disciples at all sides, their main opponents were still those 2 people.

The black robed and blue clothed man wanted to break through the 8 elder’s defenses, but couldn’t do anything.

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