Wife is Outrageous Chapter 129

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[129]We’ve already shared the bed for so long..…2

This kind of man was very good. They weren’t unfaithful and didn’t fall in love easily.

But if they did, their love would be earth shattering.

If such a man fell in love with her, then it’d be her life’s blessing.

She hadn’t thought that she really would transmigrate!

And she had never thought that the first man she met upon coming to this world would be her dream lover!

According to the first scientific law of transmigrating, the first man seen would most likely be a powerful lord!

So when Qi Luoer saw Yun Hua, her first thought was that she must grab a hold of him!

Bai Li pinched her forehead. She had naturally seen who Qi Luoer’s gaze was directed at.

Ever since Yun Hua had appeared, the number of times she had sneaked glances at him were uncountable!

It was making her abnormally angry.

What good did Yun Hua, his sworn enemy, have?

He just like an iceberg.

Could it be that Qi Luoer liked his appearance?

Hmpth, Yun Hua’s smile was incomparable to his!

Hahh! He truly wanted to appear with his real body and make that girl see.

Hmpth, if she saw his true form, won’t she fall in love at first sight with him?

Bai Li thought somewhat narcistically.

She inadvertently raised her head only to see that Yun Hua had already disappeared without a trace.

His heart suddenly sunk. His demonic sect hadn’t really invaded, right?!

How could this happen?!

Before he came to White Cloud Mountain, he had already ordered everyone that until he returned, they mustn’t act blindly.

Which little bastard didn’t listen and came to disrupt things at such a crucial hour?!

“Could it be that…..”

She suddenly thought of somebody and she frowned slightly.

She thought about using a technique to look outside, but if she used it, then her demonic energy will definitely be linked.

Most importantly, Ling Xuzi was close by, and will definitely discover her……

All of a sudden, her undecisive heart hardened, “This Su Yunluo is most likely the Holy Maiden! I need to kill her and leave!” Right now, Su Yunluo was standing beside him and it’d be very easy to attack.

His finger curved slightly, about to make a move!

Suddenly, she saw Qi Luoer pulling Su Yunluo’s hand, speaking softly to her.

His heart suddenly thumped, “This girl and Su Yunluo’s relationship is pretty good…. If I kill her now, then Little Luoer will definitely be afraid of me…..”

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