Wife is Outrageous Chapter 128

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[128] We’ve already shared the bed for so long..

Purple Cloud Sect —> Ziyun Sect. If a lot of people disagree, I’ll change it back :).

The two talked using a coded language so nobody else in the hall could understand what they were talking about.

Yun Hua looked at Bai Li and Qi Luoer. Just as he was about to talk, he suddenly heard a loud ‘Bang!’ coming from outside the cave!

Everybody was startled. What was going on?

Qi Luoer was the first the react, “It’s not another test, right?”

Before she could finish her thought, the 8 elders disappeared in front of her very eyes!

Ling Xuzi’s face was as cold as ice as he snorted.

Those demon cultivators were overestimating their abilities, actually daring to trespass into Ziyun Sect at this time. Truly courting death!

He looked around and noticed the astonished and startled expressions on the new disciples faces.

Smiling slightly, he spoke, “Everyone, don’t worry. A few demon cultivators just came to court death, and can’t do anything.”

Everyone relaxed a little.

Qi Luoer also sighed in relief, turning her head only to see Bai Li’s face ashen. She frowned, not knowing what Bai Li was thinking.

She pulled Bai Li’s hand: “Hey, are you okay? Finally scared?”

Bai Li rolled her eyes and smiled, “Foolish girl, how could I be scared? I’m just a bit bewildered, that’s all.”

Bewildered? Why bewildered?

Qi Luoer stared at her and asked, confused.

Bai Li’s brows curved as she smiled like the spring sun: “I’m bewildered by why Little Luoer still won’t agree to marry me even though we’ve already shared the bed for such a long time……”

*Faints*. Really no shame!

She should’ve known that no ivory would come from the mouth of a dog! 1

Wuwu, this guy’s words were really too ambiguous. Did somebody from Ziyun Sect hear?

Everyone will mistake her as a lesbian ah, then even jumping into the Yellow River would be unable to wash her clean!

She looked furtively at Yun Hua, whose expression was the same as ever as if nothing could ever affect him.

He didn’t even glance at her.

Qi Luoer didn’t know whether to feel gratified or disappointed.

She had transmigrated from modern times and rarest ‘food’ was precisely cold, icy men that always held back.

In her fantasy, if she ever transmigrated, she also wanted to marry such a man.

This kind of man was very good. They weren’t unfaithful and didn’t fall in love easily.

But if they did, their love would be earth-shattering.

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  1. I partially share your secret wish Qi Luoer ^_^ “Unfortunately” your husband isn’t cold or icy 😀 You can leave Yun Hua for me XD

  2. Thank you for the chapter!!! Yeeeeyy someone fonally picked it up.

    Kyaaahh what will happen next??? I wonder what website did you get the original work. Other websites have different chapters so I can’t find the right one to google translate TT^TT

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