Wife is Outrageous Chapter 126

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126] No choice but to kidnap her!

Everyone excitedly got up.

Who would’ve thought Purple Cloud Sect had such a treasure?

Godly treasures are things that could only be found and not seeked.

Everyone’s faces were eager, rushing over to try as soon as Ling Xuzi finished speaking.

Yun Zhongyue made them line up before letting them go try one by one.

The first one to test out the Holy Maiden Ribbon was Li Chongzi.

She confidently extended her hand. Her finger didn’t even touch it before a purple light appeared from it, directly hitting her hand!

Li Chongzi screamed “Ah!” as she scrambled back, almost falling down.

Her right hand was red and swollen.

She stared at the Holy Maiden Ribbon in disbelief.

She was the most qualified person here. If she couldn’t get it, then who could?

Ling Xuzi shook his head as he sighed, “Chongzi, you have no chance. It’s better to withdraw, all right?”

Although Li Chongzi was unwilling to accept it in her mind, she didn’t dare to contradict the Sect Master and finally left unresigned.

The others all went to test one by one.

There was no exceptions. Every time somebody came close to the ribbon, it’d let out a purple light hitting them back.

Because Qi Luoer was somewhat distracted, she was at the very end of the line.

In front of her was Bai Li, and in front of Bai Li was Su Yunluo……

As the number of people in front of them lessened, the frown on Bai Li’s face grew stronger.

Don’t tell her that the Holy Maiden really was that girl?

How is this good?

Kill, naturally can’t kill.

She had no choice but to kidnap her!

But this girl was very stubborn, and it wouldn’t be easy to swindle her……

The line got shorter and shorter until finally it came to the girl in front of Bai Li, Su Yunluo.

There was only the 3 of them left in line.

Now that they were the only ones in line, Qi Luoer could clearly see the Holy Maiden Ribbon. The fine veined patterns and the hidden little jade bell……

Bai Li’s fingers quietly clenched into a fist within her sleeves.

If Su Yunluo also wasn’t, then that means Qi Luoer is definitely the Holy Maiden!

She should take advantage of Yun Hua’s unguarded moment and seize her then escaping!

Qi Luoer suddenly felt Bai Li’s hands grab her’s tightly.

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