Wife is Outrageous Chapter 124

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124]She finally meets Yunhua.

She was thinking when a voice suddenly rang out, “Everyone, congratulations for passing!”

The voice was gentle yet imposing.

Shortly following the sound, the originally dark hall suddenly turned bright, seeming to glitter with countless night pearls. The colorful crystal world turned even more breathtaking.

She didn’t know when the 10 people appeared in the hall.

Qi Luoer’s heart suddenly skipped a beat. Yun Hua! She finally sees Yun Hua!

Yun Hua was one of the 10 people who had suddenly appeared.

He still wore a pure white robe, leisurely standing in the front. Blowing without wind, resplendent without moonlight, it was as if he had an air of a water deity. Just standing would be like a painting that painted itself.

His black eyes were bottomless without any sorrow or delight, only an indifferent gaze that seemed to see through everything.

Another man was beside him.

He seemed to be about 30 years old. His face was clear and bright as a faint radience seemed to revolve around his body. A long sword hung on his waist, his bearing calm and imposing.

8 people stood behind the two. Although they looked average, from their powerful words and bearing, their status couldn’t be low. Hao Yun was also there.

Qi Luoer’s heart skipped, “Could it be that these are really the legendary 8 elders of Purple Cloud Sect?

And the man standing beside Yun Hua was probably Purple Cloud Sect’s leader right? His bearing was extremely dignified, birthing fear in the hearts of others.

She stared at Yun Hua but Yun Hua didn’t seem to see her, his gaze piercing directly through her as if she didn’t exist, not a single trace of recognition in his eyes.

Li Yu and Yun Zhongyue stood in front of Yun Hua and Ling Xuzi and gave their report.

They could see the two’s lips open and close, but couldn’t hear what the two were saying.

Ling Xuzi nodded slightly, a trace of a pleased smile on her face.

But Yun Hua’s face was indifferent, nearly no expression as he just stood there like a white jade sculpture.

Everyone got up, stunned.

Passed? They passed already?!

They had all already intelligently guessed the reason why and their faces lit up with pleasent surpise as they paid their respects.

“Disciple Li Chongzi pays her respects to the two seniors and all senior immortals……”

“Disciple Ye Lingfei pays her respects….”

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