Wife is Outrageous Chapter 123

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[123]They don’t seem to be under house arrest……


But many people were missing. Li Chongzi, Su Yunluo, Ye Lingfei….. Some had good relationships with her, some had bad relations with her.


How could such a thing possibly happen for no reason?


From their appearances, it didn’t seem like they were suffering from house arrest…….


Qi Luoer was somewhat suspicious as Ye Lingfei walked over, “Luoer, you’ve also come. Hurry and look at this white silk, it’s very strange.”


Ye Lingfei, Su Yunluo and Qi Luoer usually had a pretty good relationship, and the two were also people with outstanding talent.


Su Yunluo also smiled slightly at Qi Luoer and called out a greeting.


Li Chongzi just snorted and turned her head.


Qi Luoer also ignored her and looked at Ye Lingfei, testing the waters with a question, “Lingfei, how did you guys get here?”


Ye Lingfei sighed, “When the demon invasion happened, Immortal Li led us to this cave. We got seperated from everyone, and I risked my life to search when I came across a group of demon disciples. Luckily I managed to defeat a few of them and at a dangerous moment, I used a divisionary tactic to escape them before finally coming to this hall and seeing some other cultivator students…….”


Qi Luoer was startled.


She had just recently had a confrontation with some demon disciples and had also come here like Ye Lingfei and the rest.


Why was her version like that?


Her heart held a few faint suspicions and she turned to ask Su Yunluo and some others she had good relations with.


Although everyone’s experince was different, it was virtually the same.

They were all separated and had to face the demon disciples.


And after experiencing some kind of trial, they arrived at this hall…..


Qi Luoer’s heart stirred as a thought suddenly emerged in her mind, “Could it be that this is some new sort of examination?! The demon invasion is fake!”


She was thinking when a voice suddenly rang out, “Everyone, congratulations for passing!”

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