Wife is Outrageous Chapter 122

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[122] You have no decency.

Qi Luoer glanced at her and spoke honestly, “Bai Li, has anyone told you that you look a lot like a transviete when you stroke your chin?”

Bai Li was startled and suddenly narrowed her eyes. Her stare roamed about seductively, “You say I resemble a man? Then Little Luoer, quickly, come marry me, I’ll be your husband.”

“Yeah right.” Qi Luoer rolled her eyes at Bai Li.

Yet seeing Bai Li’s exceptionally beautiful face, intoxicating as peach blossoms, frivolous, and unbridled, the air suddenly turned flirtatious. She fell despondent for a split second, her heart filling with an indescribable warmth, but she couldn’t say anything without feeling awkward.

She moved her eyes, snorting, “You really have no honor. Let’s just stop and look around faster.”

Just as they were talking on the way there, she had faintly seen a glimpse of light coming from ahead.

Could it be an exit?

Qi Luoer quickly turned and headed swiftly towards the light, Bai Li naturally following suit.

The two’s speed was very fast and didn’t even use any martial arts before they already reached the source of the light.

But what was releasing the light actually wasn’t the exit, but a magnificent, beautiful hall of crystals!

The hall was very wide, with layers upon layers of thin curtains. They weren’t made of any kind of cloth but instead of naturally dangling crystals forming the rarely seen spectacle.

Uncountable numbers of pillars of all sizes rose from the ground, sticking straight up in the hall. Even the most exquisite piece of art couldn’t compare to the naturally formed, seamlessly flowing crystals, just like a work of God.

The top, the ground, everywhere was covered with bright crystals.

In the middle of the hall, there was a natural crystal table and on the table was a platter. On the platter was a neatly folded piece of white silk.

It sounds strange, but the white muslim was like solidified ice and snow with glimmering lights weaving in and out among it, bright and dazzling.

Qi Luoer’s heart pounded, the pit of her stomach as if being hit by a heavy object. It couldn’t stop thumping.

She felt a faint sense of unease, but she couldn’t explain why. The feeling was extremely strange.

More than 10 people stood within the hall, all of them dressed like Qi Luoer. They talked continually, gesturing at the crystal table.

Qi Luoer saw them, her eyes widening.

These people, weren’t these people the same people she always cultivated with together

But many people were missing. Li Chongzi, Su Yunluo, Ye Lingfei….. Some had good relationships with her, some had bad relations with her.

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