Wife is Outrageous Chapter 121

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[121] Stroking your chin like this is a lot like a transvestite.

She was already like a golden bird, just one shake of a wing enough to affect things 90,000 miles away.

Now that she had forced herself to disguise as an ordinary bird, flying so fiercely naturally wouldn’t do.

She had to draw in her claws and fold her wings.

He had never felt so vexed in his entire life.

If it wasn’t for Qi Luoer giving him some delight in his monotonous life, he would’ve long just killed all those unofficial demon followers and slip away!

Why would he need to listen to Li Yu in White Cloud Mountain or hear Yun Zhongyue’s nonsensical lectures? He would rather squeeze those dull teachings to death!

She looked up ahead, her lips turning to form a sneer.

Qi Luoer didn’t know but she could see with a glance, this so called demon invasion was just Purple Cloud Sect’s entrance examination.

Those demon followers earlier were also just Purple Cloud Sect’s disciples disguised.

To make them feel hate!

Actually smearing the name of their demonic sect’s teachings! Each and everyone of those disgraceful, appalling scenes smearing their demon teaching reputation…….

She truly hated that she couldn’t just directly kill them!

If she wasn’t worried about finding the Celestial Maiden and couldn’t reveal his identity, she would’ve long beaten them senseless!

Where would he have the patience to watch them dressing up as god and playing the devil like this? 1

She quietly made a fist. She knew that to pass through this month’s training, each and every disciple had some strength. If the Celestial Maiden really was inside, then she needed to treat that so called Celestial Maiden silk properly! 2

The final step in the exam was definitely to find who the Celestial Maiden Silk recognized as its owner.

Once she determined who it was, she would deal with her!

Either robbing or killing, either way, she’ll let Ziyun Sect’s ‘Heaven’s Daughter’ plan be ruined!

She glanced at Qi Luoer beside her.

Hopefully- this girl won’t be ‘Heaven’s Daughter’! Otherwise, she’ll feel somewhat awkward……

“Hey, Bai Li, why are you smiling so weirdly? Such a sinister smile, are you trying to scare people?”

Qi Luoer glanced Bai Li strangely……

Bai Li was startled. Her hand unconsciously went to stroke her chin as she laughed lowly, “Little Luoer, in what way is my smile sinister? Is it capable of causing a downfall of a city?”

Qi Luoer glanced at her and spoke honestly, “Bai Li, has anyone told you that you look a lot like a transviete when you stroke your chin?”

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  1. thanks for the chapter!
    I wonder what will he do if Luo er was actually the celestial maiden? would he ‘kidnap’ her? lol

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