Wife is Outrageous Chapter 120

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[120] She was usually already restrained enough

Bai Li’s eyes narrowed, an astute light flashing by before following her in.

The channel was actually very deep. Who knew what laid beyond the darkness.

Bai Li lit up a torch 1. Qi Luoer glanced at her, “You really prepared well.”

Bai Li smiled happily, “Of course, today was the entrance exam. I didn’t know what the Ziyun Sect examiner wanted so naturally I prepared everything.”

Qi Luoer sighed: “What a pity that it was ruined by those demon cultivators, otherwise we might’ve already passed…….”

Bai Li smiled slightly, her smile somewhat unmeasurable, “You can just pretend this so called demon invasion is the exam. That way, your heart will definitely feel a lot better.”

Qi Luoer looked distracted and laughed bitterly, “If only this was the exam, but I just can’t think so with those older sisters who had tragically died…… Don’t forget, when we came in, there were already a lot of dead bodies. Plus, one of them are still in that pig headed demon’s hands……”

Thinking about that bloody, ruined body, Qi Luoer’s stomach churned, her face turning a bit pale.

A light flashed in Bai Li’s eyes as she smiled. Deep thoughts were hidden in her smile, but she didn’t speak.

The road was actually very long.

The two had walked for more than a hour but still haven’t seen anybody or an exit.

Qi Luoer touched her forehead, “Did we go the wrong way?”

Bai Li shook her head, “Impossible. Dou Ding couldn’t have made an error.”
Qi Luoer looked at Bai Li curiously and suddenly shook her head, “Bai Li, sometimes I really have doubts about you……”

Bai Li’s body stiffened slightly before she smiled, her smile like the first peach blossoms in March, bright and splendid. “Little Luoer, you doubted what about me?”

Qi Luoer sighed, “I doubt you’re a normal woman. You have a body for martial arts, learn cultivation techniques very quickly, and understand a lot too. I really can’t dare to believe that you’re an orphan, drifting around growing up in the mortal world.”

A forced smile appeared in Bai Li’s eyes. She normally already restrained herself a lot.

She was already like a golden bird, just one shake of a wing enough to affect things 90,000 miles away.

Now that she had forced herself to disguise as an ordinary bird, flying so fiercely naturally wouldn’t do.

She had to draw in her claws and fold her wings.

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