Wife is Outrageous Chapter 119

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Chapter 119 I’ll also follow you for a lifetime……

Since only Master could call him out, it had no choice but to obey. Its big eyes rolled about, seeming like someone hungry for gossip before raising its claw and pointing at one of the doors. It nodded its head certainly, “Over there!”

Qi Luoer so excited that she couldn’t help but kiss Dou Ding’s head. Dou Ding shrieked loudly, using his claw to erase every trace of the kiss and ran to Bai Li as if he was terribly molested.

Qi Luoer easily tucked it back under her sleeve, “Bad Dou, I’m your master. You’re not allowed to follow after Bai Li!”

Dou Ding reported from inside the sleeve, “Dou Bao is there. I demand that husband and wife should be together……”

Yi, she never thought that the two were actually so loving. They didn’t want to be apart for even a bit.

Qi Luoer’s face was dark. It sounded as if she was the villain separating the two lovers.

“Okay, okay, Bai Li and I won’t separate. If you behave obediently, I’ll let you and Dou Bao go out and play together.” Qi Luoer rubbed the little guys head comfortingly.

Bai Li smiled, “Little Luoer, to let these two stay together, I’ll also follow you for a lifetime….”

Swoon! What did you say? Follow you for a lifetime, do you think you’re a puppy?!

Besides, they were both women. Sooner or later, they’d both be married off, so how could they possibly stay together forever?!

(Qi Luoer for better or worse had stayed in the Purple Cloud Clan for a month and knew that male cultivators could take a female cultivator as a wife.)

She didn’t know why, but Yun Hua suddenly appeared in her heart.

Clothes white as snow, unearthly cold…..

Her heart beat as she sighed faintly.

Its already been a month and she still hadn’t seen him. Could he have forgotten his promise?

She had been cultivating as hard as she could for the past month. Although part of it was due to her own competitive streak, the greater part was all for Yun Hua.

Just to hear the words ‘extremely outstanding’ come from his mouth and accept her as a disciple……

Bai Li looked at her, not knowing why she suddenly sighed, “Little Luoer, what happened?”

Qi Luoer suddenly woke up from her thoughts and smiled, “Nothing, let’s go!”

She took the initiative to enter the tunnel Duo Ding had pointed to.

Bai Li’s eyes narrowed, a sharp light flashing through before following her in.

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