Wife is Outrageous Chapter 118

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Chapter 118: Don’t sleep, come out!
Qi Luoer looked at her helplessly, “Bai Li, how about this. You leave the cave and assist the sect while I go take another look. I can’t just not care about our cultivator sister’s life and death.…..”

Bai Li yawned and rested her hand on Qi Luoer’s shoulder, “What do we have to do with their life and death? Little Luoer, we…..”

She didn’t get to finish speaking with Qi Luoer swatted away her hand, her eyes glaring into hers. There was a rare look of seriousness on Qi Luoer’s face: “Bai Li, is that really what you think?”

Bai Li was slightly upset by her stare and tried to smile, “Little Luo’er, why are you being so serious?”

Qi Luoer replied coldly, “Bai Li, I never thought you were such a cold-blooded person! Fine, if you want to leave, then leave! I’m going to look for them!”

During her time served as a special forces soldier, she had always paid close attention to her squadron’s mindset and had very good relationships with them. They always overcame their hardships together.

After crossing Bai Yun mountain together, although she wasn’t as close to them as she was with Bai Li, their relationships weren’t bad.

Several of them had become her good friends. She truly wasn’t able to disregard their life and death and leave!

Bai Li’s eyes flashed as she sighed, “Little Luoer, you really are a good person. Forget about it, I’ll go where ever you go! I’ll go through life and death with Little Luoer, sharing trials and tribulations!”

Geez, will this guy die if she doesn’t say such ambiguous words?!

Qi Luoer glared at her, but her heart was relieved.

This guy, at least she wasn’t incurably selfish…..

“These demon followers are really difficult to deal with, so we have to be careful.” Qi Luoer instructed.

“Alright! I’ll listen to Little Luoer!” Bai Li lazily nodded.

Qi Luoer looked at the 8 tunnels in front of them and frowned, “Which tunnel should we go to?”

“Idiot! Did you forget about Dou Ding and Dou Bao? They’re experts at finding people!” Bai Li hit Qi Luoer’s head.

She hit the pouch in her sleeve, “Dou Ding, Dou Bao, don’t sleep, come out!”

Gu lu!

Dou Ding jumped out of the sleeve. He yawned, a watery sheen over his two eyes as he shook his ears, “Where are we? Why did you call me out?”

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  1. i know it’s part of the test, bai li knows it too and i’m pretty sure dou ding also does, but man…that attitude XD
    he just doesn’t give a f*ck

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