Wife is Outrageous Chapter 117

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Bai Li moved flusteredly before suddenly getting up and laughing, “Pig head, so you brought out these birds so they could play with me. Oh, but so many birds are a bit annoying……”.

She put her hands on her chest and clenched it, causing many brightly colored lights to appear. With a toss, they flew into the sky.

It whirled around in circles, unexpectedly transforming into countless transparent little swords.

Bai Li casually waved her hands, and the little swords in the sky all fell down.

She laughed, the twinkling sounds of her laughter followed by the strange bird’s screaming. One sword had landed in every bird.

The incense stick was only half way burned, but the strange birds that filled the sky had already become grey ash, leaving no traces.

Qi Luoer was dumbstruck. She always knew that Bai Li was considered a genius in cultivation, but she never thought Bai Li’s techniques were already at such a stage.

Ai, talents really were talents. She truly couldn’t compare……

Qi Luoer grew somewhat gloomy.

But now wasn’t the time to be gloomy

Qi Luoer shouted, “Hey, pig head, both of us won, so shouldn’t you guys honor your promises?”

The 6 demon cultivators glanced at each other and nodded.

A burst of green smoke appeared, filling the entire cavern.

Qi Luoer was worried the green smoke was poisionous and hurriedly held her breath. By the time the smoke disappeared, the 6 demon followers could no longer be seen.

Even her other cultivator sisters had disappeared as well.

“Hey, you guys can’t be so cheap! Release them!” Qi Luoer shouted loudly.

These demon followers really couldn’t be trusted!

Qi Luoer was furious as she looked around.

The cave was very big, with tunnels everywhere. She didn’t know which tunnel they went into.

What to do? Should she continue to try and save her cultivator sisters, or leave the cavern to assist the sect?

Qi Luoer didn’t know what to do

She couldn’t help but look at Bai Li, “Bai Li, where should we go now?”

Bai Li narrowed her eyes and yawned lazily, “Little Luoer, lets go sleep alright? I’m so sleepy…..”

Gah! She knew that this fellow wouldn’t have any good ideas!

Qi Luoer looked at her helplessly, “Bai Li, how about this. You leave the cave and assist the sect while I go take another look. I can’t just not care about our cultivator sister’s life and death.…..”

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