Wife is Outrageous Chapter 116

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Chapter 116
The pig headed person glanced at Bai Li and coldly spoke, “Good! Frank and straightforward! But remember that everything relies on your own skills, nobody can help you.”

Bai Li narrowed her beautiful eyes: “You said to bring it on, so why are you still saying so much nonsense?!”

Qi Luoer seemed as if she was looking at Bai Li for the first time. This girl also actually had moments of courage!

A trace of astonishment flitted past the pig headed person’s eyes as he snorted. “Fine, I’ll test your skill!”

He waved his sleeve, and many red birds suddenly appeared in the air.

There were layers upon layers of them with seemingly no end, all circling around Bai Li.

Qi Luoer jumped with fear. The strange birds all had long curved beaks with extremely sharp tips.

They were covered with a weird glimmer from head to toe. Although they didn’t have any feathers, they were still able to fly smooth and swiftly.

Even stranger was that even though they were flying, there wasn’t even the slightest trace of noise!

Bai Li screamed: “Ai ya, what a disaster!”

Easily pulling out a peach colored wooden sword, she started to hit everything wildly.
Her moves had no technique, the peach colored sword moving as if it was trying to slap a housefly.

Nevermind Qi Luoer, even the six demon people frowned.

But in the chaos, she had actually managed to kill 10 birds with her half cooked martial arts, like a blind cat killing rats.

Qi Luoer had thought Bai Li knew martial arts but wasn’t sure how good her martial arts were.

But seeing Bai Li run and shout wildly as she waved her sword randomly, her heart was filled with worry.

Qi Luoer tightened her grip on her sword. If Bai Li got in danger, she would save her no matter what.

After all, she was the one who knew martial arts. Plus, at this distance, she could see Bai Li very clearly.

Although Bai Li seemed to just be waving her word flustered, every strike landed and every move was dodged with just the right angle.

Although the strange birds were as fast as lightning and their beaks were extremely sharp, not even the corner of Bai Li’s dress was damaged…..

The 6 demon people’s eyes also flashed with astonishment. They also hadn’t expected that this little disciple that haven’t even passed into the sect yet to be so difficult to deal with.

Bai Li moved flusterdly before suddenly getting up and laughing, “Pig head, so you brought out these birds so they could play with me. Oh, but so many birds are a bit annoying……”.

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