Wife is Outrageous Chapter 115

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This barrier was closely related to the person who cast the enchantment. Every time they attacked the barrier, it was as though Qi Luoer had received an attack. A trail of blood had already formed at the corner of her mouth.

She forced the blood back down her mouth and desperately pushed herself up……

Soon, the last few pestering remnants of the tormented spirit finally dissipated. Their strength also got weaker and weaker.

——Finally, the formerly swelled up vengeful ghosts slowly stopped, shrinking into the size of ordinary spirits.

After a while, the red light in their eyes dissipated as their bodies turned into an ashy grey.

They froze in the air, fading away……

All the vengeful ghosts were eventually purified. Qi Luoer released a sigh.

She turned her head to look at the incense burner. The last bits of incense were finally burned up……

Ha! Success!

Qi Luoer waved, taking back the green talismans.

She glanced at the pig headed person: “Its done! I succeeded! Shouldn’t you guys honor your promises too? Hurry up and release them!”

The horse headed person’s eyes flashed, laughing sarcastically, “Little girl has some skill, but to offer tribute to my lord, there needs to be two people. I don’t know if that girl there beside you also has the skill……”

Qi Luoer was startled before angrily speaking: “Your words can’t be trusted! We came to an agreement that if I succeeded, you would let them go, but now you just changed to another excuse! Are all of you demons always breaking faith and abandoning right?!”

‘breaking faith and abandoning right’means treacherous, betrayal, etc

The horse head man snorted, “Demons originally never cared about those earthly customs. Where did you hear that demons were trustworthy?” ”

Qi Luoer stared blankly and still hadn’t said anything.

Bai Li suddenly shouted, “I, your father, never knew that demon people didnt kept their word, but I do know that you scamming sons of a bitch don’t keep yours! Did you guys even seriously consider me? Come! If I, your father, doesn’t show my strength, you guys really will take me for a sick cat, won’t you guys?!”

The always weak, delicate Bai Li actually shouted ‘I, your father’, clearly furious.

Not only was Qi Luoer startled, even the demon people were suprised.

Qi Luoer glanced at Bai Li.

Looks like that guy’s really angry this time……

She thought that Bai Lu was angry because the demons didn’t keep their promise and wasn’t suspicious at all.

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