This way of transmigration is definitely wrong! Chapter 60

Guys, I see a lot of you are confused with my rant in the previous post. Let me give you a part of the raw.

This is the raw I have. This is only 70 words in this screenshot.
Imagine 3k words each chapter, and 6k each week _(;3/

Please don’t ask me to ask other people to transcribe it for me, transcribing is a payable job ah.
Right now, I’ll translate while I still can yo. Here’s the chapter : Chapter 60

#Random Sentence of the Day#
– Copy-and-pasting directly from Google Translate is not translating. Don’t put it up NU, it’s embarrassing.

Translator : IAmABanana

This way of transmigration is definitely wrong! Chapter 60

11 thoughts on “This way of transmigration is definitely wrong! Chapter 60

  1. Oh I see. Why did you post an imgur instead of the text then? Damned hard to check a dictionary with imgur. Just recently there was something in a video I couldn’t understand. I had to do the old school manual dictionary lookup. Counted the number of strokes, then found it based on the radical. *laughs* It wasn’t even a proper word, that was why I couldn’t understand it. It was the onomatopoeia for a dog barking…

    Typos are very common. Even though he is a bestselling author, Stephen King’s website has a “Report an Error or Typo” form. Good luck with the typos, those are damned hard to understand. *sigh*

    1. I don’t understand what you mean.
      I posted an Imgur because the raw is in picture form.
      If I have the text in hand, all these conversations won’t happen at all.

    1. Actually if you read my translator note at Chapter 59, you’ll see that I actually used the raw from the site you mentioned though I censored it a bit .

      You will also see that I mentioned it got typos.

  2. Perhaps you can try running the raw images through google translate by inserting it as an image, so it can transcribe it for you? Sometimes I do that when I’m too lazy to handwrite words I need to look up.

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