Wangye, Wangfei is a Cat Chapter 20

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Chapter 20- The Unwelcomed Woman

“Tsk….” Mi Xiaoqi rolled her eyes at Bei Gongyan’s back. Lowering her head, she thought, pervert.

“Miss, don’t anger Wangye again. Last night, Wangye stayed and took care of Miss,” Lu Lou carefully advised.

Took care of me?

Mi Xiaoqi pouted, but her heart was filled with an unknown emotion.

“Miss, would you like to eat?” Lu Luo probed.

“Yes please, I’m about to starve to death,” Mi Xiaoqi nodded exaggeratedly.

“Then nubi shall go and retrieve some food,” answered Lu Luo before leaving hurriedly.

Mi Xiaoqi moved slightly and immediately cried out as a burst of pain came from her buttocks, it was as if her every nerve was on fire.

“Bei Gongyan, you bastard!”

”Audicious slave, aren’t you brave, how dare you curse Wangye,” shrilled an ear piercing voice.

Mi Xiaoqi looked over to see a woman dressed in a bright long red muslin dress, furiously glaring at her as if she had done some heinous crime.

She looked so familiar, who was she again? Right….Mi Xiaoqi finally remembered, she was the woman who had been ‘exercising’ with Bei Gongyan when she had just arrived.

Not knowing why, Mi Xiaoqi felt a twinge in her heart. Though she still turned her eyes away for the moment, deciding to ignore her.

“You! You brazen slave, I, Ben Fei am talking to you!”

BenFei…..Could it be that she was one of Bei Gongyan’s consorts? Ai yah, so she was here to catch us committing adultery, too bad that asshole wasn’t here.

“What? Just because you’re talking to me, I have to acknowledge you?” asked Mi Xiaoqi indifferently, looking straight at Hongqi.

“You! Don’t think for a second, that you can do anything you want just because Wangye likes you. You still got punished! Soon Wangye will get tired of you, and you will die with no dignity or position!” yelled Hongqi, gnashing her teeth.

Yes, she was jealous. She had basically gone crazy with all the jealousy bubbling within her. Of a sudden, a woman had appeared out of nowhere one night and entered the Clear Jade Pond, not to mention her stay in the Wangye’s living quarters. They were even holding hands as they left the morning, and even though Mi Xiaoqi was punished, she still got Wangye’s complete attention and care for the entire night.

Unable to cope with the jealousy on her chest, Hongqi had decided to come and see the mysterious lady for herself.

No one around her had the power to stop her….which resulted in the current situation.

Mi Xiaoqi was free spirited and has a good personality, to top it all off, she also had an appealing face. Hongqi didn’t like anything she saw, and couldn’t help but want to run up and roughly strangle Mi Xiaoqi.

“Then please, go tell your man to let me go. The second he says I can leave, I will be gone without hesitation.” Mi Xiaoqi lowered her eyes and tiredly leaned her head against the wooden pillow.

Motherfucker, why the hell do you use wooden pillows, doesn’t your neck hurt at all? Or was it that Bei Gongyan’s neck was both stronger and harder?

“You…….” Hongqi’s whole body trembled, everything cell in her body was telling her to attack Mi Xiaoqi. If it wasn’t for the maids who restrained her, Hongqi would’ve ran up without thinking.

Carrying a tray of food, Lu Lou approached the room. At the sight of Hongqi, she kneeled onto the floor with a loud thump, “Nubi pays her respect to the Imperial Concubine.”

Seeing the food in Lu Lou hands, Hongqi raised her foot and kicked Lu Lou’s chest, knocking her over, the steaming porridge and side dishes spilled all over the floor.

“You crazy bitch, what the hell!” Instantly, Mi Xiaoqi was enraged. If Hongqi was just bullying her, it didn’t really matter, but why in the world did she bully Lu Lou too.

“What? I can’t even punish a maid? Someone come and slap her.” Hongqi was feeling a lot better once she saw Mi Xiaoqi enraged expression.

“Who dares to follow your order. Wangye personally promised that Lu Lou wouldn’t be punished for anything anymore, who dares oppose Wangye’s order!” Mi Xiaoqi used one arm to support herself, her jet black hair fell like a waterfall. Even Hongqi, a woman, was entranced by this sickly beauty….

“Isn’t that right, Bei Gongyan?!” Mi Xiaoqi’s eyes pointed straight at Bei Gongyan, who stood behind Hongqi. He had came over as soon as he heard of the situation.

“Hongqi, if Benwang isn’t wrong, you should be grounded.” Bei Gongyan glanced at Mi Xiaoqi dispassionately, before his gaze, sharp as a sword, landed on Hongqi.

“Wangye, this, this concubine heard that an unknown woman had appeared, and this concubine was worried so she came to see for herself. Wangye, please, forgive this concubine.”

“Lock her in the Luo Feng Garden. She is not to leave for the rest of her life. All the maids that have served her will receive one zhangbi. As for the guards at the entrance, they will receive fifty and banishment from the mansion,” demanded Bei Gongyan authoritatively, with no room for protest.

“Wangye, Wangye no! This concubine doesn’t want to stay at the Luo Feng Garden, Wangye….” Hongqi dived for Bei Gongyan’s legs and cried as if the world was falling apart.

As for the maids behind her, they were all crying so loudly that the whole city could hear them. Over and over they begged, “Wangye, have mercy!!”

The guards that rushed in, dragged all the crying maids away. Even the previous guards were taken away.

Hongqi suddenly remembered something. She turned her body around and pounced onto Mi Xiaoqi’s bed.

Mi Xiaoqi was shocked at Bei Gongyan’s command, but before she could come back to her senses, Hongqi was right in her face. Startled, Mi Xiaoqi leaned back on reflex, pressing her injuries against the bed.

The pain made Mi Xiaoqi’s face turn an unnatural white.


“Miss, please beg mercy for Hongqi, Hongqi doesn’t want to go to Luo Feng Garden.” Hongqi harshly grabbed onto Mi Xiaoqi’s arm, as if trying to say that if she didn’t help her, she would never let go of her arm.

Hey guys, it’s me Panda.

First of all, I want to apologize for the lack of updates recently.

As most of you should know from our last post, we’ve both been fairly busy lately and cut down from 3 chapters to 2 chapters.

However due to school etc, your tler Oleander has been too busy to translate recently… thus the lack of updates.

For now, Kiki has tled a short teaser for you.

Thanks again Kiki ^.^

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