Wangye, Wangfei is a Cat Chapter 17

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Chapter 17- Tying up the Wangye

Mi Xiaoqi bit her lips, fine, she was afraid she’d die. She still wanted to live and return home to her parents. She couldn’t just die pointlessly because of this man.

“Um, Miss, the Wangye just wants you to obey him. You’ll have an easier time if you just listen to him,” Lu Lou carefully advised.

“Trying to speculate Benwang’s thoughts, now are you? Has your head remained on your neck for too long?” A cold voice floated indoors.

Lu Lou immediately dropped onto the floor and kneeled, “Wang…..Wangye….”

Mi Xiaoqi glared at Bei Gongyan, Bei Gongyan narrowed his eyes. They both tried to stare each other down. Mi Xiaoqi didn’t dodge Bei Gongyan’s intense gaze, “ Very good, servants, drag her out of here, zhang bi.”

“Wangye! Have mercy!”

Mi Xiaoqi stood up, the golden chain on her ankle rattled along with her harsh movements, “Bei Gongyan, you psycho!”

“Are you angry again?” Bei Gongyan smirked, strong, slender fingers grasped Mi Xiaoqi’s chin.

“You! What rights do you have to restrain me?!” Mi Xiaoqi shouted.

“None, it just makes me happy.”

She cowardly walked backwards, but Bei Gongyan grabbed her and dragged her into his embrace, “You’re already trapped, yet you still want to run?”

He showed Mi Xiaoqi the key in his other hand, “This is the only key in the entire world for the Golden Lock. Unless you don’t want your leg, don’t even think about running away.”

“It’s just a lock, I can easily open this lock.”

“Ha, I didn’t know that you had a habit of bluffing.”

“How about this, if I can unlock this lock, you’ll promise me that you won’t ever punish Lu Lou again. Do you dare agree?” Mi Xiaoqi suddenly had an idea.

“Ha, sure, there’s nothing that Benwang is afraid to do,” Bei Gongyan’s gaze landed on Mi Xiaoqi’s face, with a slight anticipation.

“Let go of me and I’ll open the lock.”

By the side kneeling, Lu Lou was trembling on the floor. At first, it was because she was so scared, but now, it was because she was crying with joy.

Mi Xiaoqi touched her head, and reached for her hairpin. Her jet black hair to flowed down her back. Then she plopped her butt down on the bed, and raised her chained leg onto it. Grabbing the lock with one hand, she poked her hairpin into the lock and gently tweaked it around with her eyes closed like she was listening for something……


The lock was opened. Mi Xiaoqi tossed the lock onto floor. Rubbing her sore ankle, she looked at Bei Gongyan with a look of triumph. See, what a feeble lock.

Bei Gongyan was stunned. Astonishment flashed by his eyes, but he composed himself so fast that Mi Xiaoqi didn’t notice.

“Naturally, you’re dismissed.”

Lu Lou kowtowed to Bei Gongyan, and left the room.

“You know how to open locks.”

“Not only can I open locks, I also can design and create locks.”

Mi Xiaoqi glanced at Bei Gongyan, an absurd idea appeared in her little head.

“Really?” questioned Bei Gongyan.

“Of course. What is it made of? Can’t you just split it open with a knife?” Mi Xiaoqi picked up the golden lock along with the chain from the floor.

“Of course not. It’s made of gold and xuantie, it’s rigidity is unparalleled,” explained Bei Gongyan patiently.

Mi Xiaoqi squinted, she looked like she was just playing with a toy.

“Wangye,” said Mi Xiaoqi suddenly, sweetly and softly.

Bei Gongyan looked dumbfounded at Mi Xiaoqi.

“Wangye, Xiaoqi now understands. In the future, I’ll listen to whatever Wangye says, and I won’t anger Wangye again.” Mi Xiaoqi leaned into Bei Gongyan’s embrace, with a fawning look.

Even though he knew her sudden change was because she had a plan, Bei Gongyan couldn’t help but raise his arm around Mi Xiaoqi’s shoulder.

“You’re being truthful?”

“Moreso than a pearl.”

Mi Xiaoqi squinted, her eyes shone brightly like stars.

“Wangye come and sit down, I’ll help you by giving you a massage.”

Help you, although these words were obviously improper, they seemed so natural when she said it. Bei Gongyan listened to her and sat down on the bed.

Mi Xiaoqi’s massaging skills were truly amazing. Soon, Bei Gongyan’s eyes were closed, and his head was lying comfortably on Mi Xiaoqi’s legs. Mi Xiaoqi continued to meticulously massage him while humming.

Bei Gongyan slept quietly on her legs, curious about the tune Mi Xiaoqi was humming. Although he had never heard this type of tune, it was very soothing.

Noticing Bei Gongyan’s relaxed state, Mi Xiaoqi attentively moved the chains on the side. She observed Bei Gongyan’s reaction, and saw that he didn’t move or react.

Mi Xiaoqi lightly put the chains on his body. Now that, made Bei Gongyan move.

“I’m just going to use the chain to help you relax, so don’t move,” as she talked, her heart had jumped in her throat.

Surprisingly, a certain Wangye listened to her and didn’t move.

Mi Xiaoqi’s heart jumped with joy. I didn’t know you were so childish Bei Gongyan. Hehe. Once she successfully placed the chains around his body, she pulled the chains over the bedpost, and swiftly locked it with the lock in her hand.

Swiftly, she jumped off the bed and onto the floor. However, she had done excessive amounts of ‘exercise’ that morning, and in addition too all her excitement, she fell face down onto the floor, resulting in a rather intimate contact with the ground.

Bei Gongyan snapped open his eyes, “MI XIAOQI!”

He struggled, but he wasn’t able to move.

“It hurts.”

Mi Xiaoqi stood up gloomily. Rubbing her nose and pouting, she sat onto the floor.

Zhang Bi:A type of execution using a wooden stick as a torture device, continuously hit the person on the waist down area, most of the time they die.

Kowtow: kneeling on the floor while hitting one’s head on the floor repeatedly

Xuentie: A type of metal/iron

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