Wangye, Wangfei is a Cat Chapter 16

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“Let go of her,” Bei Gongyan only managed to squeeze out four words from his mouth.

“Ha, San Wangye’s temperament is still as bad as usual, this beauty likes Benwang, Benwang also fancies this beauty, why not assist and grant our request.”

Nanfeng Chen turned with one of his arm circling around Mi Xiaoqi’s slim waist, the place where they were standing was instantly filled with arrows, the arrows were so strong and powerful that it pierced the stones.

“Benwang never had the habit of helping or granting the wishes of others.” Bei Gongyan dashed towards Nanfeng Chen with a long sword in hand.

Oh my god, did both of your families know that you two are this brutal and violent?

“WAIT!” Mi Xiaoqi suddenly yelled out.

Both of them paused, their gazes landing on Mi Xiaoqi’s face.

“What’s wrong, beautiful?” smiled Nanfeng Chen brightly. Oh my god, okay, Mi Xiaoqi had zero immunity to beautiful and attractive men, thus his smile made her mind blank out for a moment.

Bei Gongyan furiously gritted his teeth.

“Uh, you know, fighting is bad,” said Mi Xiaoqi, finally finding her voice.

Once she saw their displeased expressions, she beamed a smile at them, trying to curry a favor, “But if you two insist on having a fight, could you, uh, put me down? I promise I won’t make any noise, you guys can fight for as long as you desire.

Puff……Bei Gongyan was so angry that he laughed, this was the Mi Xiaoqi he knew.

Nanfeng Chen’s eyes gleamed, “My beauty, you’re too heartless, Benwang is fighting San Wangye for you, yet you aren’t willing to stay in Benwang’s embrace and accompany Benwang in the fight.”

Handsome man, are you sick? What if I got stabbed while in your arms, wouldn’t the first person to die be me……Bah!…..I don’t want to die!

“Haha, you uh something wang, I’m very heavy. In addition, I have low blood sugar and low blood pressure. If you carry me like this while turning around, I will faint.”

Mi Xiaoqi smiled awkwardly, then changed her expression into a pitiful one. In Bei Gongyan’s eyes, her smile made her seem like she was trying to act like a spoiled child. Before Nanfeng Chen could react to the smile, the trees rustled, and twelve swordsman in black appeared.

Nanfeng Chen glanced at them, “ San Wangye’s Twelve Constellation.”

Bei Gongyan stood tall with his hands behind his back

“My beauty, it looks like I won’t be able to take you away today, Benwang will personally pick you up another day, okay?” Nanfeng Chen’s long and slender fingers grazed Mi Xiaoqi’s smooth chin….

Okay, Mi Xiaoqi was stunned, why in the world are you going to pick me up?

“Aaahhh……” She screamed as her whole body was thrown into the air,

MI Xiaoqi blinked her big eyes, finally realizing the situation she was currently in, trapped within Bei Gongyan’s arms! Bei Gongyan observed Mi Xiaoqi from head to toe. His gaze landed on her plump chest, and a raging storm brewed within his eyes. He remembered that Nanfeng Chen had also looked at her from the same angle as he was now, and couldn’t help but want to gouge out Nanfeng Chen’s eyes.

“Uh, Wangye….” Mi Xiaoqi beamed a smile at Bei Gongyan, trying to please him.

However, it seemed to be unhelpful with a certain Wangye’s anger. Bei Gongyan grabbed Mi Xiaoqi, and her whole body rose into the air. With a few ups and downs, they landed in a mansion.

Oh my god. Where are they now? Could it be that this is the legendary secret side mansion, thought Mi Xiaoqi in her mind. Okay, before she could be afraid of this problem, her whole being was thrown onto the bed. Hiss……..

The few pieces of the tattered clothing on Mi Xiaoqi’s body fell onto the floor.

“Bei Gongyan…….what are you going to do…..” Mi Xiaoqi’s eyes widened, she instinctually walked backwards, away from Bei Gongyan.

“Retreating? Are you waiting for Nanfeng Chen to come and save you?” said Bei Gongyan, he didn’t even realize that his voice carried a tint of jealousy.

Mi Xiaoqi laid underneath a certain Wangye. After a few heated releases from a certain ‘exercise’ , she had fallen unconscious. When she finally woke up, the sun had already set.

The candle light flickered, Mi Xiaoqi raised her hand to rub her head. You bitch! Bei Gongyan, you’re a freaking stud….. There’s a probable chance that you will die of having to much sex!

Complaining under her breath, Mi Xiaoqi raised herself up with wobbly arms, and then used them to support her body. Rattle, a rattling sound appeared out of nowhere, what in the world was that sound, Mi Xiaoqi squinted her eyes, observing her surroundings to find the source of the noise.

Why, why the hell is there a golden coloured chain on her ankle. The chain was long and sturdy, the end of the chain fastened onto the bedpost……

Mi Xiaoqi pulled on the chains for at least three minutes before she finally accepted the fact that she was locked. Like a pet locked onto a bedpost. A strong feeling of humiliation burned within her heart, hatred, fury, shame. All these emotions combined made Mi Xiaoqi’s eyes water, tears pooled within her eyes, fogging her vision.

“BEI GONGYAN, YOU PERVERT, LET GO OF ME!” Mi Xiaoqi pulled on the chain with all her might, while yelling at the top of her lungs. The maids outside the room rushed in when they heard Mi Xiaoqi’s yells.

“Miss Qi, please be quiet.” Lu Lou hastily rushed towards Mi Xiaoqi and covered her mouth.

Mi Xiaoqi furiously glared at Lu Lou.

“If Wangye heard what you said, Wangye might just take your life,” said Lu Lou. She noticed that even though Mi Xiaoqi’s eyes were puffy and red, her emotions were calmer and more composed. Therefore she removed the hand that covered Mi Xiaoqi’s mouth.

“Miss Qi, please stop crying.”

Lu Lou watched as big droplets of tears flow from Mi Xiaoqi’s eyes, she thoroughly and meticulously wiped away her tears.

Then Lu Lou comfortingly said. “ Wangye actually really likes you in his heart, otherwise he wouldn’t have transferred Nubi here to serve Miss.”

“He likes me? In his heart, women are only used in bed, MONSTER!” Mi Xiaoqi gritted her teeth while muttering under her breath.

“Miss, please be careful of what you say,” Lu Lou nervously glanced around, “If someone who wanted to harm you heard this, Miss might just lose Miss’s life.”

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