Wangye, Wangfei is a Cat Chapter 15

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As Mi Xiaoqi thought about the most important events in her life, her order was brought to her table, “Wow, it smells amazing!”, all her attention was immediately turned onto the stinky tofu.

“Of course, I guarantee that tomorrow Miss will come by again,” the owner of the food stand replied, laughing happily.

He noticed that although the girl was dressed like a lady from a prestigious family, she didn’t have the attitude of a spoiled or pampered lady so he couldn’t help but to start talking to her.

Mi Xiaoqi had on an intoxicated face as she ate the stinky tofu, from time to time she would praise how delicious it was. If you could ignore the carriage parked not far away, then everything would be perfect.

Hmmm…. How can I escape?! Thought Mi Xiaoqi in her mind.

When she finished her stinky tofu, Mi Xiaoqi stood up, and walked towards the food stand that sold fried shrimp.

After buying a stick of fried shrimp, she walked over to buy a Tanghulu. Sighing, she walked further and further away from the coach, Mi Xiaoqi snuck a peek at the barely visible carriage.

Hmm, there was no better time than now to run away.

To her left, there was an alley which seemingly connected into another street. Holding onto her snacks, Mi Xiaoqi, walked over to the fruit stand right beside the alley and bought a pear.

Mi Xiaoqi sneaked another peek at the coach, she didn’t know exactly why, but somehow she felt that Bei Gongyan was probably not this easy to fool……..

Forget it. After all, since her current situation was already like this, this was her chance to escape! Plus what if she got lucky!

With that, she entered the alley while holding the pear.

In the carriage, Bei Gongyan’s gaze immediately became cold, Mi Xiaoqi you really dare run away!

Mi Xiaoqi went along the narrow alleyway. She looked back while running. Mi Xiaoqi took a few big breaths, nobody was running after her. Great!

Mi Xiaoqi had a brilliant smile on her face as she walked towards another street. She found a stranger and asked for directions on how to leave the city.

She hadn’t thought about what to do next yet.

First just leave the city.

Mi Xiaoqi hastily left the city. After she was out the city, she was at a lost as to what she should do. She held onto the money given by Bei Gongyan. Where was she supposed to go now?

Exhaling, she felt a bit deflated.

The Ghost Immortal, that old geezer, not showing up when she needed him. She had already turned back into a human. Now what? How was she supposed to go home now.

Frowning, she walked around leisurely and aimlessly. After sometime, Mi Xiaoqi begun to feel tired, and wanted to look for a place to rest. Then she heard the sound of water flowing not far away from her, so she followed the sound and arrived at a river.

A man in red sat beside the river.

The man was facing away from Mi Xiaoqi.

Mi Xiaoqi observed him, carefully found a place where there was a distance between the two of them, and scooped up some water with her hands to wash her face….

Puff….shaking off the water on her hands, Mi Xiaoqi let out a long sigh,

Sitting by the riverbed, Mi Xiaoqi took off her shoes. Mi Xiaoqi looked at her blister covered porcelain feet, thinking that although shoes from ancient times were soft, they were suitable for long walks. She had already lost count of how many times she cursed the Ghost Immortal.

Putting her feet inside the cool water had instantly eased the pain. Phew, Mi Xiaoqi comfortably squinted her eyes.

The man in red glanced sideways at Mi Xiaoqi.

Such a…..surprising woman.

“Hey, if you wash your legs in the water, then how can other people use it anymore?” said the man in red with dissatisfaction.

Mi Xiaoqi was stunned for a moment, she raised her head, and her big, as clear as water eyes, looked at the man. However, she couldn’t see the man’s face due to the sunlight blinding her. Mi Xiaoqi said “The water is alive, it automatically purifies itself.”

Live water? Automatic purification?

The man in red curiously stared at Mi Xiaoqi.

“You see, water comes from a source, so it has a natural cycle, it moves from one place to another, water flows through anywhere it wants to. Therefore although I’m standing in it right now, soon the water that I have used will just flow or disperse away without affecting anyone.”

After the man in red heard what Mi Xiaoqi said, his lips curved upwards into a smirk, “Interesting.”

“What is your name?”

“Mi Xiaoqi”

“Nanfeng Chen.”

“Are you a citizen of the Bei Yue State?” Mi Xiaoqi asked.

“No, I come from the Nan Ye State.”

“Oh, is the Nan Ye State far from here?

“It’s quite far.”

“Oh.” Mi Xiaoqi squinted her eyes, planning. Since it was a long distance from here, if she escaped to the Nanfeng State, then Bei Gongyan wouldn’t be able to find her….

“You want to go?” Nanfeng Chen asked, his extraordinary facial features slightly glowed with anticipation.

“Yes, as long as it’s far far away from here.”

“Did you really think that you could run away?” a cold and familiar voice appeared out of nowhere.

Mi Xiaoqi shuddered with fear, and her feet slipped, then, her whole body fell into the river…

“Wu….” as Mi Xiaoqi choked on some water, she got pulled out by a wave of Qi, and fell into a warm embrace.

Fear clearly showed in her big eyes, oh, okay. The moment she saw who was embracing her, her expression of fear turned into astonishment, with slight infatuation….

Oh my god, the man in red clothing was so handsome…..

“Bengong, is very attractive,” an alluring smile appeared on Nanfeng Chen’s face.

Mi Xiaoqi unconciously nodded her head.

Bei Gongyan’s expression was as dark as ink.

Since she just left the water, Mi Xiaoqi’s clothes were drenched, exposing her exquisite figure. There were water droplets on her long lashes, and her lips were red and glossy. She stared directly at Nanfeng Chen with infatuation.

Tanghulu: is a traditional Chinese snack of candied fruit.

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