Wangye, Wangfei is a Cat Chapter 14

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Chapter 14- First time leaving the Mansion

“Since you ate so much, that means that Wangye is satisfied right?” Mi Xiaoqi used her hands to support her head and stared at Bei Gongyan.

Bei Gongyan nodded his head, as a man, he couldn’t act shamelessly against a woman.

“Hurrah for the great mighty Wangye! Lets go, lets go,” Mi Xiaoqi cheerful and light-heartedly jumped up, hooked her arm with Bei Gongyan, and dragged him out.

Bei Gongyan was stunned, he stared at the arm that was hooked to hers.

“Oh, sorry, that was a bad habit, I will be careful next time,” said Mi Xiaoqi letting go of Bei Gongyan’s arm. Suddenly Bei Gongyan revealed a grim expression, and said with a cold and demanding tone, “You often hook arms with other person?”

“When you go out shopping, it’s a must to hook arms, it’s to prevent getting separated……” muttered Mi Xiaoqi under her breath,

“Do you hang out frequently with other men?”

“Who would take a man shopping, it’s too boring,” retorted Mi Xiaoqi instantly, as she replied, she quickly regretted it. Oh my god, why was she being so serious with a person from ancient times……

Bei Gongyan felt slightly better beause of what she just said.

“Lets go,” he said, casually holding her hand. Mi Xiaoqi looked at Bei Gongyan, dismayed, this man was really peculiar. Nonetheless she followed his footsteps while pouting.

Phew, the guards quickly lowered their heads, even though their curiosity was killing them, no one dared to look up and observe their Wangye’s new favorite……

Who didn’t know that their Wangye was famous for his possessiveness and his brutality….

“Why are they lowering their heads?” asked Mi Xiaoqi curiously.

“They’re afraid that they will see something they shouldn’t see and get their eyes gouged out,” said Bei Gongyan monotonically .

“No way!” Mi Xiaoqi immediately let go of Bei Gongyan’s hand to tightly cover her eyes.

“…….” Momentarily, Bei Gongyan couldn’t find a suitable word to describe Mi Xiaoqi.

He harshly tore her hand from her head, holding onto it, he walked out without saying a word.

There was a horse carriage already waiting for them.

“Wow!” Mi Xiaoqi smiled brightly with her eyes squinted, so this was the Wangye’s legendary ride. It was ridiculously luxurious, wasn’t it?

What was that thing swinging from the roof of the carriage? Mi Xiaoqi stared directly at the sign. It was gorgeous, a completely jet black sign.

“Get on.” Bei Gongyan’s deep, low voice interrupted Mi Xiaoqi’s train of thoughts, pouting, she got into the coach.

Such a big coach, not only did the outside look absolutely gorgeous, but the inside was even more so. There was a soft and fluffy wool carpet, and a very comfortable cushion, there were even small drawers along the side the seats.

Mi Xiaoqi was like a grandma, oddly happy and joyfully touching and observing everything within the carriage or the drawers.

As the sound of the coachman’s whip hit the horse, Mi Xiaoqi’s body swayed. Inside the carriage, she sat up straight, pulled open the curtains and peeked out like a curious child.

Bei Gongyan’s expression slightly changed, however he didn’t forbid her, nor stop what she was doing.

The capital of the Bei Yue State, was the Yue CIty. It was the center of Bei Yue’s economic lifeline. It was exceptionally crowded, the never ending sound of street vendors promoting their merchandise, or the sound of peddlers persuading people to buy their items,

The Yue Wu Teahouse.

In a private room.

A man in red lied down on his side on the soft couch, the man’s long jet black hair was casually gathered and pinned up with a jade hairpin, his clothes were loose, exposing his chest. With one arm supporting his head, he seemed extremely indolent and languid.

He possessed refined facial features, his thin lips curled into a lazy smile, sometimes he would close his eyes, sometimes he would open his eyes to look at the kneeling person.

The person in black swallowed with difficulty, “Master, the, the woman went out with Third Wangye…..”

“And….” The man played with his hair, his tone frivolous and neutral.

However the person in black’s leg started to shake tremendously, as if he had suffered a major shock.

“Master, for the….for the time being…. we are still…..still unable to….find any… anything about her…” stuttered out the person in black.

“Oh……” exclaimed the man in red, as if he had just come to a realization, leisurely, he waved his hand and a beam of silver light flew out of his palm, instantly entering the person in black’s forehead.

Before the person in black could even make a sound, they had already collapsed onto the floor.

Instantly, someone came in and nimbly dragged the body away.

“Hmm, what should I do? A woman has caught Bei Gongyan’s interest. Bengong is very interested,” smiled the man in red smiled meaningfully.

Mi Xiaoqi didn’t realize how many people were thinking about her, searching as if one pair of eyes were not enough.

“Stop, stop the carriage!”

The coachman didn’t stop. He acted like he didn’t hear what Mi Xiaoqi said and continued to ride onwards, until….

A certain woman pouted her lips, seriously, she had no human rights, “Can I go down and walk around? I want to eat something.”

“……” Bei Gongyan glanced coldly at Mi Xiaoqi. She instinctively hid away from his gaze, since his stare gave one the feeling of being scanned by x-ray machines.

“Go, bring some money with you.”

“Hurrah! I thank the mighty Wangye very much.” Mi Xiaoqi excitedly stood up, climbed down the carriage, taking the money bag from the coachman.

As Bei Gongyan looked at Mi Xiaoqi’s lively figure, his void-like eyes twinkled.

Mi Xiaoqi held the money in hand, her mind was occupied with several questions, did this count as running away from Bei Gongyan?

Since there was a lot of people here, if she ran fast enough, then he probably won’t see her right?

Distressed, Mi Xiaoqi plopped down on the stool of a stinky tofu food stand, “One stinky tofu please.”

“Got it, please wait a moment Miss.”

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