Wangye, Wangfei is a Cat Chapter 13

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Mi Xiaoqi felt uncomfortable with the sudden added weight, her eyebrows furrowed.

“Wangye….excessive excersice is bad for the body….” carefully mentioned Mi Xiaoqi, while blinking her eyes.

Fury burned within Bei Gongyan’s eyes, such a stupid woman.


If you say no or don’t do it, and I listened to you, then wouldn’t I lose my dignity?! Bei Gongyan muttered in his mind while doing some exercise on top of Mi Xiaoqi.

In the end a certain woman gracefully fell asleep before Bei Gongyan stood up.

The night was cold like water, the stars flickering in the dark sky.

As he stood in the courtyard, Bei Gongyan suddenly had an unexplainable feeling, this woman had already made him break several of his bottom lines.

The first time she appeared, she had cat form! Now, she had become a human, moreover an alluring woman at that, was she human or witch? Or was it someone else’s strategy?

The safest method, was to kill……

As the word kill appeared in his mind, Bei Gongyan hesitated. To his surprise, the feeling of reluctance to kill her appeared. Forget about it, it’s been years, and finally he’s found such an interesting little thing, it would be a pity to kill her.

As the sun set, Mi Xiaoqi opened her tired eyes to see an enlarged charming face in front of her. Sharp and sculpted features, dense black eyelashes, in addition an adam’s apple she didn’t have, and her scratch marks on his bronze skin…

Fine. Mi Xiaoqi blushed like a tomato, who told you to bully me, if you bully me again, I’ll scratch even harder!

Mi Xiaoqi desired to touch his eyelashes. Why was it was so long and curled even though he was a man? Though she did succumb to her desires and touch his eyelashes in the end.

Bei Gongyan frowned, a dangerous aura flashed pass his eyes as he opened them.

Mi Xiaoqi attentively withdrew her hand, lowering her head, she quietly and adorably snuggled into his embrace. Anyways, she already had a taste of him, so a hug should be fine.

Next morning
When Bei Gongyan woke up, he found out that he actually fell asleep by her side without caution. Bei Gongyan felt vexed by that.

“Get up, assist Benwang in changing his clothes,” ordered Bei Gongyan with an impatient tone.

“Okay,” pouted Mi Xiaoqi while getting out of bed, she already knew how to wear her clothes, and since Bei Gongyan’s clothes were a lot simpler than her clothes, she naturally knew how to dress him with ease.

“Wangye, do you want me to become your maid?” probed Mi Xiaoqi.

Bei Gongyan raised his head to meet her eyes, become his personal maid, hmm…. It wasn’t a bad suggestion so he nodded.

Mi Xiaoqi’s eye twinkled, “A maid is allowed to got out, right…..?”

“Benwang’s personal maid should be wherever Bewang is, got it?”

Mi Xiaqi blinked her big and round eyes, even though she was bit depressed, she still had hope at the same time, “So wherever you’re going to go, you’re also gonna bring me with you too.”

“Yes,” replied Bei Gongyan by some chance.

“That’s great!” cried out Mi Xiaoqi softly, clapping her hands happily, “Wangye, are we gonna go out and shop?”

Bei Gongyan sighed while his hand rubbed his forehead with helplessness, what in the world was this woman thinking of in her mind?


“Let’s go shopping. You can’t observe the circumstances of the citizens if you stay inside the mansion everyday. Right?” said Mi Xiaoqi patiently. Bei Gongyan spared a glance at her, “You want to go outside?”


“It depends on your behavior.”

“What behavior?”

“Go and prepare breakfast, if Benwang is satisfied with it, then I’ll take you out to shop.” Bei Gongyan’s lips curled into a smile.

“Okay!” replied Mi Xiaoqi with a clear and bright voice, preparing a meal was nothing hard! Since she was young she had already known how to cook since her father pampered and adored her mother, not letting her to go into the kitchen to cook.

Poor Xiaoqi, at the age of ten, she already knew how to cook a delicious and wonderful meal.

Lu Lou stood outside waiting, as soon as she saw Xiaoqi walk out, she instantly bowed and greeted her.

“Lu Lou, please lead me to the kitchens.” Mi Xiaoqi eyes shined brightly like a crystal.

In the kitchen~

Mi Xiaoqi swiftly cleaned the vegetables and washed the rice. She cooked a pot of lean mean porridge and personally prepared two small side dishes, sliced lotus roots and julienned potatoes, both emitting a faint sweet scent.


“Miss Qi, usually the Wangye’s breakfast has no less than twenty dishes, isn’t this too simple and plain?” reminded Lu Lou kindly.

“He can’t finish twenty dishes, anyways it’s disgraceful to waste food. That’s all I’m going to prepare, help me bring it to the table,” said Mi Xiaoqi with a serious tone.

One person walked ahead while the other followed.

Not faraway, behind a tree, hid a person closely staring Mi Xiaoqi.

Mi Xiaoqi didn’t know that within the mansion, she was counted as a celebrity As soon as she appeared, Wangye brought her to the Clear Jade Pond, in addition she had stayed with Wangye overnight in his room, something many women dreamed of doing…..

Therefore, the waves of jealousy and envy directed at Mi Xiaoqi could probably drown her to death.

Once the meat porridge and side dishes were placed onto the table, Bei Gongyan, almost unnoticeable, slightly frowned, “This is the breakfast that you’ve prepared.”

“Wangye, did you know, that behind the vermilion gates of the rich, meat and wine go to waste, but along the road are the bones of the poor who were frozen to death,” said Mi Xiaoqi, looking at Bei Gongyan with a deadly earnest look as if she was presenting.

Bei Gongyan was slightly stunned by what she said, wine and meat rot behind the vermilion gates while on the roadside, people freeze to death….. who knew she had the feeling and the talent to express her pity for the fate of mankind and bemoan the state of the universe.

“Eat,” spat Bei Gongyan after a few seconds.
“Huh, fine.” Mi Xiaoqi plopped down on the stool without a trace of politeness and ladled a bowl of porridge for Bei Gongyan, also ladling a huge portion of porridge for herself too. Then self awarely, she ate with big bites.

As the side dishes were finished, the pot of porridge also reached rock bottom.

Then, the two people put down their tableware.

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