Wangye, Wangfei is a Cat Chapter 12

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Chapter 12 – There’s no difference between people in my world
“Lu Lou come in.” Bei Gongyan turned and walked in front of the table.

Lu Lou jogged towards the bed.

“How can nubi serve you,” panted Lu Lou slightly.

“Sorry to trouble you Lu Lou, do you want to sit down and rest?” Mi Xiaoqi blinked while asking the stunned Lu Lou.

“Come and sit.” Mi Xiaoqi moved aside to let her sit, intending for Lu Lou to sit on the bed to rest.

“Nubi does not dare!” Lu Lou immediately kneeled onto the floor. Do you think that anyone can sit on the Wangye’s bed? What was Miss Qi trying to say, was it possible that the miss was trying to execute her because she had somehow offended her?

“Ay, get up, if you don’t want to sit then don’t sit, why do you keep kneeling? Don’t your knees hurt?” Mi Xiaoqi jumped off the bed, lifting Lu Lou up with both of her hands.

Lo Lou raised her head and saw Mi Xiaoqi’s clear and bright eyes, her heart trembled, she was being sincere…..

“Are you okay?” asked Mi Xiaoqi confused.

“Nubi is fine, let nubi serve the Miss by changing her clothes,” said Lu Lou respectfully after coming back to her senses. A sincere person could really warm a person’s heart, in that moment, Lu Lou decided to vow loyalty and devotion to her.

With Lu Lou’s help, Mi Xiaoqi was finally able to wear the complicated clothing.

The long dress was a blush colour, slightly tighter in the waist area and fastened with a lengthy piece of ribbon.

“No, I don’t want to wear anymore things, I’m already wearing so much clothing, and it’s really heavy.”

Lu Lou was stunned, okay, her Mistress was quite perculiar.

Even Bei Gongyan, who sat by the table eating, was amazed. His gaze landed upon Mi Xiaoqi’s flushed face.
He couldn’t deny it, this woman is absolutely gorgeous, her appearance was already ridiculously beautiful, in addition, she had curves in all the right place, but the most important thing was that she fit his tastes.

Bei Gongyan calmly looked away, Mi Xiaoqi was already in front of him. Glancing at him, she plopped down and sat beside him.

“So hungry, I’m so hungry.”

Looking at all the delicious food, Mi Xiaoqi smelled the aroma and naturally reached out for some food to eat.

Lo Lou’s little heart was thumping rapidly…….Miss Qi, was so bold!

Bei Gongyan glanced at Mi Xiaoqi, presently, Mi Xiaoqi only saw food, eating excitedly as if no one was around her.

“Delicious, Lo Lou are you hungry, do you want to eat together,” asked Mi Xiaoqi while still stuffing food into her mouth. Lo Lou was shocked by the sudden call and said, “Nubi doesn’t dare to.”

“Why don’t you dare to? It’s a natural thing for people to get hungry. There’s a lot of food here, wouldn’t it be wasteful if we didn’t eat it?” Mi Xiaoqi peered at Bei Gongyan, what she said was meant for him to hear.

“Do you understand the difference between the servant and the master?!” asked Bei Gongyan coldy.

“Please forgive the Miss, the Miss has only just arrived at the mansion, and still doesn’t know all the rules.” Lu Lou kneeled onto the floor with a loud thud.

Bei Gongyan stared at Lo Lou, who was on the floor trembling with fear, yet still pleading for leniency towards Mi Xiaoqi. With merely a meeting with each other, she had already gotten Lu Lou to dedicate her life to her.

“I use to live in a place where there’s no difference, so I really don’t understand,” said Mi Xiaoqi seriously to Bei Gongyan, while placing her chopsticks on the table.

“Wangye, I didn’t mean to fall into your place, why don’t you just let me go, okay?” said Mi Xiaoqi with genuine honesty, looking at Bei Gongyan, not dodging his stare.

Lu Lou’s brain suddenly short circuited, and carefully and quietly left the room. Oh my god, I just accidentally overheard the Wangye and Miss’s secret, will they kill me to keep the secret from leaking out……….

“Xiaoqi, what’s your real name?” Bei Gongyan raised one of his eyebrow, opened his mouth and asked an unimportant question.


“Mi Xiaoqi.” Mi Xiaoqi seriously introduced herself.

“Mi Xiaoqi, let Benwang say this one last time, you belong to Benwang, whether or not you like it, Benwang will never let you go!” Bei Gongyan’s hawk-like eyes immediately emitted a dangerous aura.
Mi Xiaoqi couldn’t calm herself, what’s wrong with this Wangye? If talking nicely, nor pleading worked, so what in the world was she supposed to do!

AdvertisementEzoic“You want to escape? Ben wang will kill everyone who has a relationship with you, and throw their bodies onto the streets!” Bei Gongyan raised one of his hand and a bowl on the table landed into his hands, instantly becoming dust and slipping through his fingers…..

Woah, that was so magical!

Mi Xiaoqi blinked a few times, okay, she feel any fear, and was only left with curiosity…..
Bei Gongyan was discouraged.

Mi Xiaoqi observed to debris on the floor, gulped, and thinking idiotically, said, “If you were to throw me away, would you also kill yourself?” casually without any discretion whatsoever.

Bei Gongyan, got so extremly angry that he smiled.

“Mi Xiaoqi, if you can run away from Benwang, then I’ll give you anything you want from my belongings!”

“Really? Then I want that piece of jade!” said Mi Xiaoqi excitedly, as if she had already succeeded on escaping.

“Wait till you can escape from Ben Wang before we talk.” Bei Gongyan stood up. With a swing of his arm, he carried Mi Xiaoqi to the bed.

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