Wangye, Wangfei is a Cat Chapter 11

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Chapter 11
Of course Hongqi was not the only one that couldn’t sit still.

When the King Manor’s women found out that Bei Gongyan brought Mi Xiaoqi to the Clear Jade pond, they all used their own connections to motionlessly find out Mi Xiaoqi’s origins.

Due to Mi Xiaoqi, the whole Yan King’s Manor was in a big mess.

Disregarding everyone else, at this moment, Mi Xiaoqi was staring grievingly at the roof of the bed. Then she started to curse at the immortal ghost that brought her to this place.

Mi Xiaoqi was just feeling depressed when she heard the sounds of footsteps.

She raised her brows and looked towards the sound.

Bei Gongyan’s eyes, landed on her face, carrying bits of a smile.

Mi Xiaoqi suddenly widened her own eyes, and then with a face full of dissatisfaction, she angrily pouted, “Rogue! Bad person!”

The smiling expression on Bei Gongyan’s face immediately disappeared. Instead, a dense killing intention dispersed in all directions.

Mi Xiaoqi’s nerves were already so exhausted she couldn’t feel anything. Suddenly, a large hand clutched onto her neck.

“Ahh….” Mi Xiaoqi’s clear eyes were forced to look at Bei Gongyan. She was extremely terrified right now.

“Don’t think that just because benwang likes you, means that you can do whatever you please! Benwang has never had a deficiency in women!” Bei Gongyan’s ruthless voice echoed in Mi Xiaoqi’s ear.

Mi Qiaoqi hurriedly nodded her head, expressing that she would be obedient.

Once Bei Gongyan’s large hand loosened, Mi Xiaoqi’s whole body fell onto the bed. “Cough..cough…” Her small hands nervously patted against her chest.

Your sis ah! That immortal ghost brought me here without a cause or a reason. Not only was I bullied by this perverted Wangye, I don’t even have any freedom.

Wuuu~ I don’t even have a shred of dignity left.

Large tear droplets started to roll down Mi Xiaoqi’s face.

Bei Gongyan felt agitated. Damn it! This woman suddenly put on a grieved expression! It was as if he was the one bullying her!

It was a good thing that Mi Xiaoqi couldn’t read Bei Gongyan’s mind, otherwise she would definitely jump out and shout loudly that it was him who was bullying her. Your sis ah! He took advantage of her yet that still didn’t count as bullying?! If that doesn’t count then what does?!

“Are you hungry?” Bei Gongyan spit out those few words.

“Hungry.” Mi Xiaoqi raised her hands and wiped away her own tears. Although she was very unwilling, there was no reason to make life difficult for her stomach.

“Prepare the meals.”

Not long after that, the maids brought in many delicious and mouth-watering dishes.

Mi Xiaoqi’s eyes lit up with expectation, she seemed like she wanted to run over to the food.

Bei Gongyan’s eyes looked at her shiny, smooth skin from top to bottom. There was some signs of purple bruises. He cleared his throat faintly. He had never been attracted to any female, so this was his first time loosing control over a woman.

The large hands behind his back clenched tightly into a fist. Since someone now had an influence on him, then that someone should die!

Mi Xiaoqi lightly licked her little lips, and her face looked towards the dishes on the dining table. Then she looked at her naked body. She hugged her body tightly and looked pitifully at Bei Gongyan.

Ah. Bei Gongyan suddenly loosened his grip. Since he had been lonely for too long, having a new play thing wasnt that bad.

“Lu Luo, prepare some clothes for Xiaoqi.”

“Yes, nubi understands your orders.” rang Lu Luo’s voice. Then a hurried and trembling footstep sound
arrived. Lu Luo and another maid brought over a tray. On the tray, there was a delicate and beautiful piece of clothing.

Mi Xiaoqi’s eyes lit up. After all she was still a girl, and what kind of girl didn’t like pretty clothes?

“Lady Qi, nubi will help you change your clothes.” said Lu Luo respectfully.

“Thank you, Lu Luo.” said Mi Xiaoqi. Right when she was about to get out of bed…

“All of you get out!” Rang Bei Gongyan’s angry voice.

None of the maids knew what was going on. They threw down everything in their hands, quickly payed their respects, and then hurriedly left the room.

Mi Xiaoqi looked at Bei Gongyan confusedly, and then she looked at the clothing by the bedside.

She really wanted to ask, how was she supposed to change clothes if he drove everyone out.

Reaching out her little hands, Mi Xiaoqi picked up the clothes. Then she tried to put it on herself, but she couldn’t find the opening anywhere and sighed depressingly.

“Why are you stupid to the point of not knowing how to wear clothes?” said Bei Gongyan apathetically as his sight lingered on Mi Xiaoqi’s body.

“It is because you’re clothes are too hard to wear.” pouted Mi Xiaoqi as she continued to battle the clothes.

Bei Gongyan’s complexion immediately darkened. He raised his hands and placed them on Mi Xiaoqi’s hips while asking, “Would your so called ‘simple’ be the type of clothes that you first showed up in?” Bei
Gongyan didn’t notice it himself, but the words he said carried traces of sourness.

“Um.. Yea..” answered Mi Xiaoqi foolishly as she started at Bei Gongyan confusedly.


Mi Xiaoqi looked at Bei Gongyan who just nipped her. She was so depressed that she couldn’t say anything. She really had lost her dignity all the way back home! She was even being nipped unexpectedly.

“From now on learn how to put on your clothes! You may not wear any of you clothes you were wearing before!” said Bei Gongyan’s ice cold voice.

He didn’t understand why his skin felt like it was burning when he imagined her being seen by other males wearing such thin clothing.

“I know la. When you enter a village you follow their customs ma.” answered Mi Xiaoqi melancholily as she looked at the clothing in her hand.

Bei Gongyan picked up two pieces of clothing and threw them at Mi Xiaoqi.

“Put these two on first, and then let Lu Luo teach you the outer ones!”

“Ok.” Mi Xiaoqi looked at the two pieces of clothing that Bei Gongyan threw at her. These were probably the inner clothes. She found the openings and rapidly put them on.

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  1. When a man grabs you by the neck, with killing intent, that is bloody abuse okay? I don’t find anything sweet about being thrown here and there physically. No matter how handsome, abuse is abuse…

  2. I’m a little disappointed. I’m sure my fellow pervert that want live action does too…

    Anyway the story itself is good.❤❤❤

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