Wangye, Wangfei is a Cat Chapter 10

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Chapter 10
“It doesn’t matter who you are, you are still Benwang’s property.” Watching her open and close her lips, Bei Gongyan suddenly lowered his head……

“Wu……” Mi Xiaoqi’s eyes widened in shock as a handsome face suddenly seemed to appear in front of her. Aiya, he’s so close…… she’s in human form too…… what to do?”

It’s okay to give him a slap, right? Ah, but then she’d be beheaded…..

Bei Gongyan’s face was gloomy as he looked at Mi Xiaoqi in front of him, clearly lost somewhere in her thoughts. He felt her lips. Mn. The taste wasn’t bad, but she had no reaction at all.

“Ah…… pain…….” Bei Gongyan bit Mi Xiaoqi’s lips, one part after another. The smell of slowly dissipated into the air.

Huuu. Bei Gongyan suddenly felt satisfied.

“Pervert, villian, what are you doing, biting people!” Mi Xiaoqi used all of her strength to struggle out of Bei Gongyan’s grip, but he firmly trapped her in his arms. She was unable to move a single bit.

“Try saying that one more time.” His cold and gloomy voice cut through the air.

Mi Xiaoqi shivered…… staying tactfully silent.

Why was her hair being gripped so roughly? Why was a hand sliding down her back?

Although Mi Xiaoqi still hadn’t experinced the ways of the world, she still instantly understood Bei Gongyan’s notion, “Umm, Wangye.”


“I, I’m very hot, can you release me….?” She carefully raised her head to peek at Bei Gongyan’s face.

Sure enough, the Wangye’s face was as dark as ink. It quickly changed to an evil smile, “Since you feel hot, Benwang will make sure that you’re nice and cool.”

“No……” Mi Xiaoqi didn’t get to finish before a certain Wangye sent her flying out the room.”

She could only feel the wind flying past her ears, in a few ups and downs.

There was a loud ‘plop’ sound as she fell into the water.

“Ah……’ Mi Xiaoqi fearfully jumped out of the water.

Seeing her look as if she was about to lose her head from fear, Bei Gongyan’s mood was very good, a teasing smile appeared on

his face as he asked, “Nice and cool, right?” ”

“Bei Gongyan, you’re too much! Release me!” Mi Xiaoqi was furious!

“Ah…… calling out Benwang’s name, you sure have guts!” His voice raised towards the end, a dangerous aura filled the room.


His big hand suddenly pulled at the plain white cloth, tearing it apart.

“Ah……” Mi Xiaoqi’s clothes were ripped apart, and her cold small body shivered with cold. She then subconsciously scooted back and tried to hide. Her back slammed into a protruding rock, and she clenched her teeth in pain.

Bei Gongyan raised up and walked towards her.

Your sis ah! When did you take off your clothes?!?!

A cold touch that carried a burning sensation landed on Mi Xiaoqi’s body. The her right now was in a panicking and frightened state, and she looked at Bei Gongyan terrifyingly.

The long hair was like seaweed landing on her chest, and the pale as jade skin formed a clear contrast. It seemed like a temptation that could kill someone.


Carried by the long arms, Mi Xiaoqi’s body was carried by Bei Gongyan off of the protruding rock. They suddenly spun a few times in the water and then landed back on the stone wall. The stone wall was cold, but it was also unusually smooth.

“Wu~” Bei Gongyan didn’t give Mi Xiaoqi any chances to catch her breath, and recklessly stole the breath in her mouth.

Her breathe was poor and it felt like she would limp and turn into water.

Bei Gongyan’s eyes flashed by a sense of gentle and warmth that has never been seen before. His large hands caressed her cheeks and said, “No matter if you are a cat or if you are human, you are this King’s property.”

After the sound landed, the warm breath penetrated Mi Xiaoqi’s light and thin body.

“Hurts…” Mu Xiaoqi tightly furrowed her brows in pain. A pair of small hands held tightly on Bei Gongyan’s arm, leaving behind a long imprint.

The gleaming reflection of the light was clear.

When Mi Xiaoqi regained her consciousness, it was already evening time. Her whole body ached and pained as if a car drove over her. Her stomach growled, but at this moment, she didn’t even have the strength to lift her hand.

The eyes that was originally dazzling were now tired and exhausted.

Qi Lin Courtyard.

“What do you mean that cat disappeared out of thin air?!” Hongqi grabbed the maid by the collar, and her expression was malicious. There wasn’t a bit of elegant demeanor left in her.

“Re.. replying to concubine…. It… It was the King who… who carried that cat away… then. I don’t know who was the woman the King chose, but he brought the cat to the jade pool. Then.. then when the King left, that cat disappeared…” The maid was clearly scared quite badly, and was stuttering the whole time.

“What woman?! The King brought a woman to the jade pool?!” Hongqi suddenly stood up, and her face was filled with anger. Her foot kicked into the maid’s stomach

The maid fell on the floor, and she was in so much pain that sweat started to drip down her forehead.

However, she didn’t dare to make a sound, and she only looked at Hongqi terrifyingly.

“Go investigate for this Concubine! Go find out where did this woman come from! I would like to know who has the guts to live in the King’s Manor!” said Hongqi as she gnashed her teeth.


“Who cares about a stupid cat?! It is only an animal! Scram!” screamed Hongqi.

The maid immediately crawled out of the room.

Hongqi was laying on the mattress heavily gasping for breath. Once she thought of the fact that Bei Gongyan brought a woman to the jade pool that he had never let anyone in, Hongqi was extremely jealous.

No matter how much Bei Gongyan favored that cat, it was just a cat, and he won’t be any extreme feelings developed for it. However, now he was favoring another woman so much! It was even a woman with an unidentified origin! How can Hongqi still sit still?!

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