Wangye’s Maid is the Sect Leader Chapter 9

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hapter 9 – Virtue One Foot [1]

TL: Entropy

The moment they entered the room, Situ Xin forcefully shook off Situ Yan’s hand and then sat in a chair, leisurely sipping tea, while completely disregarding Situ Yan, who was ceaselessly scratching himself.

“Xin’er, I was wrong! Hurry up and give me the antidote!” Almost scratching off all the skin on his body, Situ Yan curled his lips and pleaded pitifully. He not only felt like itching to death but had also lost feeling in both of his legs, causing him to stand there stiffly, incapable of moving.

Situ Xin raised an eyebrow, and asked, “Didn’t you say my methods were incomparably cruel?”

As soon as Situ Yan heard her words, he felt a burst of cold wind sweep past him. At the moment, he did not have his grandfather’s Emperor Tablet with him, making his current situation very dangerous. “Xin’er, you must’ve misheard me. Mommy, Yan’er is itching to death.” He then shamelessly pulled upon Situ Xin’s sleeve.

“You finally remembered that I’m your mother?” Stinking brat, you actually dared to run away from home. However, she still tossed a bottle of itch ointment to him.

“Mommy, Yan’er was wrong. I will never dare to do such a thing again.” Situ Yan then hastily took the ointment and smeared it all over his body, making him suddenly feel very comfortable. However, he still could not move either of his feet.

Seeing Situ Yan’s clear and bright eye’s start to spin, Situ Xin immediately slapped his head with her large hand. “Don’t make me worry so much. In a moment, we will return to the Hundred Flower Sect.”

Situ Yan reached out his short and chubby hand and touched Situ Xin’s face. “Xin’er, you should’ve made your appearance look a little better.”

Looking at her son’s look of disdain, Situ Xin felt that it was laughable. “Stinking brat, what do you understand? This can save me from lots of trouble.”

“Xin’er, haven’t you ever thought of getting together with my dad? That way Yan’er won’t be a fatherless child.” Situ Yan rested his chin on his arm and leaned against the table as a flash of loneliness appeared on his face.

“A fatherless child?” Situ Xin’s small lips twisted as she continued saying, “Having your mother is good enough. Let’s go, you are coming back with me.” Grabbing Situ Yan in such a way that he was incapable of resisting, Situ Xin started to walk out.

“You can’t take Yan’er away.” A loud and clear voice that sounded like lighting suddenly resounded, stopping Situ Xin’s footsteps. Xiao Yixuan looked at his son, whose eyes were sending him a plea for help. ”We need to discuss matters pertaining to Yan’er.”

Situ Xin fiercely stared at the originator of all her troubles. How hateful. In return, the other party could only send her a helpless expression. Situ Xin swallowed her saliva, and then stated in a very imposing manner, “I have nothing to discuss with you. I am taking my son away.”

Xiao Yixuan took a step forward anyways, blocking Situ Xin’s exit. He then forcefully grabbed Situ Xin’s small hand and ordered, “Ye Ying, bring Yan’er outside.” As Xiao Yixuan was closing the door, he heard Yan’er quietly tell him, “Dad, try to win over Xin’er.”

[1] Half of an idiom. The full idiom is 魔高一丈,道高一尺, but the author only wrote 道高一尺. The idiom is the devil is ten foot tall, virtue one foot and means it takes constant vigilance to stave off evil.

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